Realistically speaking, are we even close? I mean the cure that Will Kill this disorder dead once and for all. Will it ever be found and why hasn't it already been found? Do you even think that anybody wants to cure this disorder or are they really only interested in giving us hyperexpensive treatment options, that won't fully cure the disease but instead keep US hooked on what ever that treatment may be, Because that's Where the Real money the treatment not the cure that you would tale once and be rid of the disease...I'm just sitting here thinking about this...i have had alopecia since i am now 23. It started with a Tiny bald patch after some very stressfull events in my life at the time. Now i have lost sbout 50% of my hair (its a bit hard to tell how much as i shave almost daily) and most of my eyelashes and about 3/4 of my eyebrows, which i decided to shave too as i thought it made my face look unbalanced...I really want my hair bad so badly... I know that my life would be better but most of all easier. But I Will deal with it and I am dealing with it and i don't let anything stop me...i pursue my dreams and all Those things all the same...but somedays i just Can help but is it possible that in this Day and age, Living with this disease for 14 years, it seems there has been no REAL tangible progress. I mean is it really that hard to crack the code? And Will it ever be cracked. Am i gonna wake up one Day in the near future and that'll be it they Will have solved the puzzle and i just need to go to the pharmacy and take that one pill and i will have my hair back like the other 99,9% of the population or is this not even realistic? And does anyone even know :D? Am not 100% where i was going with this but i just felt like posting. Hope someone Can give me some answers :)

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