What has your experience searching for a wig/wig stylist been like?

I have had AA since I was five, and then it turned into AT when I was 13, and now I have lost my eyebrows and am slowly losing my eyelashes too (yay!).

I have been wearing wigs since I was a freshman in high school and feel like it's still a constant struggle to find one that works for me. Right now I have been spending around 2k for a new wigs every 12-14 months, with varying levels of success. And I know that there are a bunch of people on here that have been struggling as much as I have. And that's why I have started making a documentary about it.

I am traveling to India in September to where much of the hair is donated to make wigs, and where a lot of it is processed and sold (at an extremely high rate) to be made into wigs. When I come back, I will be interviewing people who sell and style wigs about their experience working with people with hair loss, and the frustrations they go through finding a good product that keeps their customers happy.

Of course, the most important thing I need for this documentary is the stories of women who have been struggling with hair loss, only to have the added frustration of trying to find a good wig solution (if they choose to go that route). I also want to talk with people who have been able to make the choice to go au natural and not wear a wig at all!

If you are interested in telling me your story, please let me know on here and I would love to learn more about it. Particularly if you live in a small town or city where it's hard to find anyone with any knowledge of wigs and wig styling/maintenance.

I know that AlopeciaWorld is a very skeptical site that doesn't want their users to feel taken advantage of, so please trust me when I say that I just want help bringing my documentary to life, but it's very hard to find others in the Alopecia community in the real world, and I thought this site would be the best place to start!

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Hello Triple A, I'm a 66 yr old lady who started into the alopecia world about 5 yrs ago.  Originally I lost only the dark hair leaving me with baby fine white, white hair then a year ago within the period if a week , I lost all my hair, eye brows and lashes. I realized what was happening and knowing I needed help quickly, I went on line and found a place that sold a variety of wigs and they were able to give me an appointment within 3 days. At that time I was fitted for a short, synthetic, grey wig.  It wasn't bad but I was still in shock and not really anxious to get used to wearing this foreign thing on my head.  My choice was to go out bald or wear a wig so when faced with the choices, I chose to adapt. I learned about natural hair , synthetic, closed and open caps as well as an Italian process called CNC.  I think it's far too expensive for me but you might be interested to look it up.  All the best! Not an easy change in appearance to accept but life goes on. Take care




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