Hi Everyone,

I'm 19 and I have just found out i have AA. I am about half bald but it is all underneath so fortunately I have been able to cover it up until now. My hair is falling out above my ears so when i tuck my hair behind my ears it is becoming noticeable. I have also developed a small bald spot near my part up the top but for now, I can cover that too.

I think I have been every accepting of my hair loss because I have been able to cover it up but now, some of my hair has started to regrow and as weird as this sounds, i am pretty annoyed. I'm not sure if anyone understands but i am sick of being "half bald". I'm sick of "you cover it so well". I wish i either was bald...or not. So now as my hair regrowns partially at the back of my head, i continue to go bald up the sides of my head. I don't know what to do because I have been able to hide my alopecia but now i'm going to have random bald spots on top and be bald up the sides of my head. How do I know if i truley deserve/ need a wig. When did you decide the time was right for you? I just feel like i cannot buy a wig unless i am fully bald because its too selfish to have a wig when i only have a few spots missing.

How can I accept that its ok to have a wig.

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Hi Nicole :) I agree with Aimee - when you can't cover it up anymore, then it's time for a wig. I had alopecia for 9 years before it got so bad that I had to shave it all off. But looking back now, I wish I would have shaved it off earlier than when I did. I was always so stressed out about my hair (having to cover my spots, going out on a windy day, couldn't go swimming for fear of my spots showing, etc.) and now that I have a vacuum wig I don't have to worry about any of that! It's a very personal and difficult process, but just remember that whatever happens, you are beautiful with or without your hair. This journey will help you become a stronger and more confident person in the long run. Hang in there and feel free to ask me any questions :)
I think it's time when it's making you feel so sad, so self-conscious, so frustrated that you really aren't enjoying life anymore. I still have hair on my head. I've got about 5 different sized bald spots and very, very thin hair everywhere else. I kept crying in the mirror, raging at my family, getting irritated at my constant fussing. I spent so much time just trying to keep it from showing. I finally said that I couldn't live like that anymore. I just wanted to be able to forget it all and think about something else. So, I got a wig. It was a big deal. I felt like I had a cat on my head. But, after a while it just becomes your hair and you don't think about it anymore. Yeah!!! I didn't have to worry about my spots showing when I was sailing or outside on a breezy day. I'm older, so I probably like different styles than you do. But, there are a lot of quality wigs made for younger people. Vaccume wigs sound cool. Maybe you could just start exploring what's available. That might make you feel comfortable. If a wig will let you feel more comfortable, I say go for it.
I agree with the others. When the self-consciousness is occupying too much of your time and emotional energies, it's time to use any and all cosmetic solutions that allow you to get on with your day. Telling people who see you all the time and will be curious is important. Just spill it as nonchalantly as possible. True friends really won't care if your hair is growing or bought. They just want you to live normally, participate in everything and feel like yourself...same as you want.

thank you everyone :)

I have realised its ok to get a wig even though i still have hair. I have decided I will either get a wig when my baldness becomes noticeable or i will look at wigs when i go back to where i live (i'm on holidays at the moment). I think maybe i should get a wig before i start uni that way no one will know its not my real hair because they have never seen me before. When I get a wig, i will shave all my hair off. It will be easier to manage i think.
go to alopeciatrival.com they will fix youre problem in no time
I've never used a full wig because my bald spots are like yours, usually underneath and above/around the ears.

I do use clip-on natural hair extensions every once in a while...they do a good job of covering up and giving volume!

good luck!
I think for everyone it is different, but for me, once I was mostly bald, very thin hair, I decided to just shave it and get a wig, I found it easier shaving it than dealing with the little bits left, it never grew back once I shaved it anyway. I think perhaps if yours is not that thin you could just cut it a bit so it fits under the wig better but if a wig makes you feel better than absolutely go get one!
you should do anything that makes you happier, makes you feel better. you will realize it is just hair and wigs are sometimes even better than regular hair haha.
Good luck!
My hair is doing the exact same thing!!!! I am sick of it...just fall out or grow back!!! Everyone I tell is like oh well you cant even tell....I am thinking well I CAN! Half the hair on my head is gone, just cuz I can hide it doenst mean its not happening. Part of me is glad noone can tell, the other part just wants to shave my head and get it over with...



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