Hi everybody!

I'm thinking of buying a wig online. I was wondering whether anybody on here has purchased a lace front wig before? How did they manage with the lace in the front - what if the colour doesn't suit your own skin colour? (I'm Chinese).

Thanks :-)

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So exciting! Make sure you message back so I can get a review of it! :-) 

How was it?? Which website did you purchase it from? :)

Hi Twig

I think the best thing to do is a heap of investigation around this choice.  I know there are many different companies that offer lace fronts.  Be thoughtful around the cap type you want (wefts etc are very usual for this type of wig) as well as handtied finish.  

Just in case you don't know what wefts are they are when the hair is sewn on the material usually lace type fabric...then that is sewn together to form a cap (sometimes it can be left open or be a closed cap).  It is not an overly realistic look but it does suffice.  

As you know I look after people in NZ with regards to Freedom Wigs.  I have helped quite a few people who are chinese. 

I'll put a picture up of one of my girls of Asian heritage, wearing her freedom wig. 

Good luck with your investigations. 

Hey Rose!

Ooooh, that looks so nice! How does Freedom Wigs work? I have been meaning to reply to your message, but have been busy :(

Hello Twig

There is a real big difference between processed human hair and unprocessed virgin human hair.  Please be very thoughtful around this.

Unprocessed virgin human hair....reacts like everybody's growing hair.  It is not compromised in anyway and will react with expected outcomes if you personally would like to colour or alter your look.

Processed hair...does not react like this.  Often when you receive your processed hair it will look lovely (as a silicone coat is put over the hair to make it look more realistic).  This does wash off after time.  (Not all wig makers do this ...but many.  Processed hair will not react as you may expect if you do want to colour it yourself.

All hair fades (even virgin unprocessed hair), but you can look after virgin hair far better than processed as you will be able to keep your colour looking fresh and vibrant as the hair you received will be the heathiest hair available. (especially in a Freedom wig). 

Another thing to be aware of if the cap type.  Lace wigs and combination wigs do have wefts in them, which are not always as realistic as many people would like.  I tend to be a wig watcher rather than wearer and this in particular is very obvious to me.  People that wear wigs often cannot see the back of their heads when they move....for me this is a very real problem which nobody discusses too much.  Obviously people often love their hair of choice whether it has wefts of not.  But as you are new I thought it better to explain what this can mean.  

I'll pop a picture up of wefts....when the wind blows they can look a quite unrealitic.  This is an open cap...but even in closed caps (that means there will be fabric between the wefts...they are not overly realistic.  This picture is showing how to put extra wefts in a wefted wig.  Most lace front wigs will have this type of construction through out the wig, unless you are getting a fully customised wig which would mean it is lace over the whole wig and as Sophie below attests this can be a little uncomfortable. 

This is what a Freedom Wig looks like all over the wig....

Good luck with your investigations.


I'll explain how they work by message. :)

Hey I have a lace front wig and I love it ! It looks and feels sooo natural . I wear a 12" Gripper sport from Follea. They are a little expensive but it is really worth it .The hair line is so natural , it is the most secure wig I have ever worn and the actual hair is BEUTIFUL!!! Like really beautiful. They do say it is slightly processed but in saying that I have had a few virgin hair wigs and seriously I can not tell the difference and I am very picky when it comes to hair ;-) I have also had heaps of cheaper lace front wigs as I love the way they look but they literally drive me crazy from itchiness. Plus the hair was rubbish. This is me in my Gripper
Gripper sport 12" wig from Follea

Sophie.. question on your eyebrows.  they look GREAT. do you have eyebrows? if not, do you draw them on? what's your secret for such great eyebrows?

I don't have any. I've used permanent make up in the past, but this last time it all peeled off. it was a lot of torture to go thru to have them peel. So I am looking for another solution.

Another pic of my gripper #freakenloveit

Hi Sophie

I have contacted you again via email with the hope that this issue can be sorted out for all concerned.

I will wait to hear from you.


I wanted and did address this issue with you personal but since you have posted this personal information on Alopecia World for all to see I see no reason hide it anymore .
I have received and read ALL of your emails Deanna Beattie and I can see that you are deleting the messages that you posted to me on this thread of conversation .

As per you emails I have chosen not to respond , as all the blame is constantly
pushed on to me and no responsibility was taken by Freedom wigs for 3 incorrect sized wigs .
And no I will not delete my message on here like you have asked me to ( via email) you where the one that started this by approaching me on here and my comments are a ramifications of just that.

You are constantly telling me that my treatment is the cause of the damage and this is not the case .
Past contact that I have made with you , you have made it clear that it was my responsibility for sizing and I should have known it wasn't a correct fit .
I had no idea that I would need to be resized and was never told that this would be needed.

The Australian rep visited me ONCE for my initial fitting and on no other times . No effort or follow up was made to ensure my wigs where correct . And no questioning about the size was mention by the rep when We reached out to her with concern that the wigs where not not last 8-10 moths tops WITH ABSOLUTE CARE. The repose was simply you a too hard on your hair . Which was not the case ! As the first one lasted me 3 years with not be so careful attitude and my care got a lot greater with the 2nd 3rd and 4th wig .

I even contacted you as a new representative because I was so displeased with the Australian rep and I expressed this to you from the beginning in 2012.

If my issues with my past 3 wigs were going to be resolved by freedom wigs, something would have been done and some responsibility would have been accepted, but at our meeting and to date, nothing has been offered to compensate me or to resolve this matter.

I wish to be passed on to the director of freedom wigs to work towards a solution so all this can be put behind me as soon as possible. Please don't continue to contact me as it's clear that you are not willing to resolve this matter unless I take full responsibility for incorrectly fitting wigs. It is on the border lines of harassment and I wish for you to stop.

My first wig was amazing lasting 3 years (with average care taken ) and I only wish the rest had been fitted properly and none of this trauma would have occurred .



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