I am thinking of buying some wigs from wigs.com. Has anyone shopped from there? Is it good quality, does it look real, and does it get tangled easily? The wig I have on now gets tangled really easily and is extremely frizzy. I also can't style it in a ponytail or any other style. Does wigs.com offer better hair pieces? Thanks!

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Hello Katie,

It sounds like you have a synthetic wig. Typically cheaper quality synthetic wigs easily tangle and don't last very long. 

There is nothing wrong with wearing synthetic wigs , however, I've found that a premium to good quality 100% human hair wig is the best, especially if wearing wigs is part of your lifestyle .

Wearing wigs can be daunting at times, but if you're going to do it, do it in style :-) 

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and invest a little more for a wig piece that you don't have to worry about, like tangling or looking cheap. You want it to bring out your best qualities right? And most importantly,  not break your bank...

Check this website out. They have beautiful wigs both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs,  not only are they premium to good quality, they are affordably priced!


I hope this helps.



Thanks for the advice! The one I have now is a human hair wig that was very expensive. However, it still gets tangled and frizzy. I don't know why. Do synthetic wigs get as tangled? I was unsure of whether or not synthetic wigs are better than human hair wigs. Thanks! 

You are welcome Katie! Your human hair wigs should not tangle. It also depends on how you care for your hair (wig). The products you use also makes a difference.

Using sulfate-free shampoos will definitely extend the life of the hair. Remember,  human hair wigs (especially unprocessed chemical-free) is just that, human hair. So, you take care of it just like your own.

If you sleep in your human hair wig, I would recommend you wearing a "silk or satin" bonnet or scarf. Never wear a cotton scarf to sleep in with your wig. Cotton absorbs the oils from your hair.

Yes, cheaper synthetic wigs easily tanglie.  I highly recommend treating your synthetic wigs kindly also ☺

What do you call "expensive"? How much did you pay and how long have you had it?



I bought my human hair wig at a store near me and I take it there to get washed regularly. After it gets washed, it still gets so tangled when I go outside or sit in class. When I go to sleep, I put it on a stand. I paid about 3,000 for this human hair wig but unfortunately, it gets tangled frequently and I can't put it in a ponytail. Do you have suggestions? Thank you! 

Find out what they are washing it with. Ask to read the ingredients.  If it has harsh detergents and chemicals such as lauryl sulfate or lauryth sulfate etc. then more than likely this can be the cause for all the tangling.

Also, if the hair that was used to make the wig didn't have the cuticle going in one direction, this definitely causes the hair to tangle. 

It depends on how damaged the hair is whether it can be repaired or not. You paid alot of money for a wig that is potentially damaged beyond repaired. 

There are a lot of wig dealers who are out to take full advantage of people suffering from hair loss...they know you are vulnerable and charge premium prices for junk.

Feel free to befriend me or send me a private message if you need it.



Hi again Katie,

I sent you a 'friend request' and a private message attached. Once we become friends, I will send you another important link.



local shops will charge a fortune for substandard hair, not even remy hair.  Just junk. They will take advantage.  As far as your question, wigs.com is pricey. Don't believe their sales.  They are NO deal.  Namebrandwigs has the best prices and pretty good return policy.  Try a HH/Synthetic blend wig...

Well I Would love to be of service just hit me up.



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