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My daughter is a 15 year old girl who is extremely active and has recently lost all of her hair. She wears fake eyelashes, eyebrows, and a wig by Apollo. Recently, the dermatologist told us to get a wig with no tape or glue because it can damage the hair follicles, as if we need that! 

She has been looking at two, the Follea Gripper Sport. It has lace natural hairline and a nice grip for active people. and then the Freedom Wigs. 

Follea has a nice website compared to Freedom Wigs, and much more pictures. But, that doesn't mean much! Opinions on the two? She doesn't want bangs, and wants to be able to put her hair up. So please keep these things in mind. :) 

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I am reluctant to answer this post I will not be mentioning Follea as I'm sure one of their Representatives will come on and do that.  I also will not be doing comparisons between the two types of wigs unless comparisons are made by other wearers or their Reps.    I will be as forthright as possible in the hope that I can help.  

I work with Freedom Wigs in New Zealand and can answer any queries you have about the Freedom wig. Also, my daughter has alopecia and has worn the Freedom wig for the last 11 years.  It has worked very well for her lifestyle and as a mum I can't praise the product enough.  I help many people in New Zealand with this type of wig and am very knowledgeable about it's features and benefits and am happy to pass on any information that could help.  (I am unable to sell a Freedom Wig to you, as I only sell to those in New Zealand). If you need information on where to get help in your area just go to the freedom website www.freedomwigs.com  then to the 'contact us' page and contact one of the Independent Agents closest to you (they often travel).

I see that your daughter doesn't want to wear bangs...with a Freedom wig some type of fringe/bang I feel works better.  I have seen ladies that prefer to not do this but I personally don't like the look, but if your daughter feels strongly about this I would contact a Freedom Independent Agent and have a chat. 

 Updo's are absolutely achievable with a Freedom wig and I feel confident that any type of updo works well.  The best thing about the Freedom wig is the implanting over the whole wig.  There are no wefts etc.  so the Freedom wig can be parted anywhere over the whole head and it will look like your daughters hair. The Perimeter edge on all wigs needs to be disguised, no matter what is said to you or your daughter, as sadly the hair is not growing from your daugher's head.  My want for my daughter was to have a wig that looked realistic in all life circumstances.  Her Freedom Wig has done and continues to do this.

Freedom Wigs are fully customised from the hair you pick to the moulding process which is often done using a medical scanner, which creates a very accurate fit for the end user (dependent on who you see).  They are made to fit only your daughter and do not come in stock sizes.  Each wig is individually discussed with your daughter's needs and wants being fully taken into account, while you are given as much information as possible around what a Freedom Wig is and can do for you.  (There is never any pressure to buy this type of wig as those that sell them have the condition and have been through most wig experiences in their life's, there want is to help). 

The hair used in a freedom wig is 100% unprocessed virgin human hair with all the choices and limitations that brings.  (In my experience with my daughter and with those I help the hair is fabulous).  There is absolutly no processing done on it.  

If you would like to ask me any further questions please feel free to do so.  I will also put some piccies here for you to have a wee looksee at.  

The first is of one of our Australian Independent Agents with her hair in and updo.  I love how realistic this looks and in real life it is just the same...

This is of a lady wearing her Freedom Wig without a fringe...

This is one of a beautiful young lady who wanted to style her Freedom Hair into a Hombre (we call in balayage in NZ).  She was able to do this because her hair was totally unprocessed to begin with...very important for styling choices. She loves her Freedom Hair

Hope this helps.


These look like fantastic wigs. I want to give a new set of advice tho. I lost my hair at age three and lived in a world of denial, hiding and accepting my limitations fostering low self esteem. 15 is a difficult age to just go cold turkey in this world as a bald woman HOWEVER it is part of an important formative time dealing with self confidence and finding one's self. My advice, from someone who has had many wigs, they are hot, sticky, and uncomfortable no matter how much they cost and there's still a need to "know and be known." And for authenticity. Even with the cover up. Which becomes difficult to bring it all up in conversation. Work on the emotional side of this. Get a support group. Go to NAAF conference. Hang out with kids, woman, people who also have Alopecia. Read books about strong women with Alopecia. Big big HUGE hugs for your daughter and yourself. I remember. So well. Hind site is 20/20.

Hi Carmen

Truly, what great advise.  I have never really put what I am going to say next out in to Alopecia World but I think in light of your comments it may be appropriate.

Before my daughter wore Freedom as a family we did a lot of work around her wants on dealing with her alopecia.  For approximately four/5 months she wore bandanas, hats or nothing (she was 12 at the time).  This was a challenging time for us all, but I would never take it back as it helped Libby to learn to talk about her alopecia, educate those around her and fully get that she no longer had hair.  It was a grieving and growing process that I would recommend to all families.  During this time she decided that a wig was going to be of assistance for her.  She got very tired of the questions and the constant attention about her hairloss.  She wanted the choice to be annonymous and tell people when she felt comfortable.  

When she got her first Freedom wig all those years ago she was in transition over our summer vacation to her new high school... she got use to her Freedom Wig then went off to school.  She turned 13 and desperately wanted to hide her alopecia.  I supported her through this choice but kept communicating to her about how that was going for her.  After six months she realised it was not working for her to hide her alopecia made her wig the focus of everything and caused anxiety in her life.  She came to me and we discussed alternatives to what she was doing. We decided to talk to her class and give her as much education and support on how to deal with this.

I also fully immersed my daughter in the alopecia community itnNZ...it became the norm for her as she continually met people dealing well with their alopecia.  I feel personally very blessed by the people I have met and the help they have given me around Libby's alopecia.  So, I fully agree with meeting others and going to meetings etc.


Libby is now coming up 23 years old.  She became a prefect at her school everyone knew about her alopecia and her want to wear her wig and totally accepted that was alright (of course there were challenges through the years, but nothing that has caused any major upset).  She has gone on to get a medicinal chemistry degree and a post graduate degree in Teaching.  She has just finished her first year of teaching chemistry to 13 - 18 year old boys at an all boys school, with over 2,000 pupils.  

All the staff and her boys know that she has alopecia (they are well educated about it).  She chooses to wear different wigs and different looks.  She finds her wig wearing fun and empowering.  She runs and excercises and sometimes she doesn't bother with her wig....it's all about choice and this is just a choice on how you want to look.  Nothing really to do with who you are.  

I personally think people look pretty damn fab without hair, but not all want to be without hair and many do not want their lack of hair to be the defining feature in the public arena.  So, headcoverings of any sort can be helpful, but of course never imperative.



I've read many posts by you. This one is the most touching and helpful to me (not saying the others about Freedom wigs are not!). I'm still in the beginning stage of my daughter's AT (actually she lost some eyebrows already), and gradually accepting her condition. I certainly do not want her lack of hair "to be the defining feature in the public arena" in your words. I hope my daughter will have the courage and grace your daughter has. Thank you!




You know there is no wrong or right way to do this.  I just know the way that helped me and I know you will find the way to help you, your daughter and your family.  It is challenging but it is also empowering.  

Good luck with everything and always know you aren't alone.

Thanks for your support. :)


My daughter started the process of Alopecia at age 19. She is now 20. She is Pre Med and wants to be a rural dr. Being Pre Med she is around a lot of chemicals. We had done the shots, Latisse and then finally nothing. She rides horses, swing dances, swims, runs 3-5 miles a day, works in biology and chemistry major (goggles and wigs don't work with chemicals). Her conclusion was that the wigs weren't her and if she was going to be bald she was going to do it with confidence and a big smile. Everyone at school and in the community accepts her all the same. Once questions are asked the acceptance is HUGE and FREEING and she has now been in modeling on ETSY for beautiful knitted hats. Not that there weren't bucket loads of tears, lots of writing assignments focused on Alopecia at her university, she works for a chiropractor and running and eating a balanced diet but people talk about bad hair days, she hates hair commercials, but she focuses on all the other good in herself and others. Everyone sees her eyes and spirit!!! Something she had NO clue of. The support from people is amazing. She gets hugs and is like when I was your age I had that happen to me about 40 years ago and I got my hair back followed by it didn't kill me either. Keep smiling. I guess owning it is what we have done. Embraced it and we see is an intelligent, athletic, kind beautiful Sydney.

Best of luck on YOUR journey. Hugs to you and your daughter!!!

Hi Leigh Ann

I was just wondering how you were getting along.  I know when my daughter was 15 I was faced with quite a few challenges around her hairloss.  If you need help (not just about wigs).  Please feel free to let me know.


Thanks  Rosy! Actually, we have an appointment with the Freedom Wig representative for our area this Saturday. My daughter is excited. The wig is quite expensive, so we are definitely having to do some juggling to afford it. Interestingly her wig is $5,195.00, but insurance only covers 50% after $5,000.00, doesn't do us much good. She is also finishing up a round of Prednisone, she is suffering side effects, but has also grown back some eyebrows and eyelashes. We're trying not to get our hopes up too much, we'll just see what happens. I'll let you know how it all turns out.

Hi Leigh Ann

I hope that all goes well.  It was a good choice for my daughter through the years but is not everyone's choice.  

I understand about the expense....but just to keep things in perspective.  My daughter has one Freedom wig that is now coming up 7 years old (she has more than one wig, so this isn't the norm - for a freedom wig), but that particularly wig was worn non-stop for two years and then alternated weekly with my daughter often wearing it at least 2/3 times a week.  If you look after these type of wigs, they will look after you.  

Ask your Independent Agent about repairing and restoration as it is important to understand the ramifications around this for you and your daugher.  Also, go in with a view on what you want to achieve for your daughter (style-wise), as that is really helpful.  Pictures etc. (not of wigs but of people's growing hair). Obviously if you have seen a Freedom Wig you like take the picture in of that :)

Also, take your time, don't rush this...it's a big decision and you and your daughter need to be sure and comfortable before you commit to a Freedom Wig....for me it was  a very positive outcome for me and my daughter...so I wish you all the best.




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