My 12 year old son with AA won't go to school at the moment. He has had alopecia for 6 years and has had his ups and downs with it. He started high school this year and appears to be having trouble socialising. He has dropped out of sport as well. He has just gone through a period of hair loss and doesn't have much hair at the moment. What he did have he wanted us to shave it off during a school holiday. He went back to school for a day and hasn't wanted to return since.
We have gone through couselling previously without much success. I am not sure what to do now. Can anyone give me some ideas?

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hi my name is monique i have had AA since i was born. im 17 years old now and a senior. i could understand where he is coming from. my first year of high school i told my grandmother to shave my hair off as well. i felt free. . . my headaches would go away. . . and my head was less sensitive. i have also been playing softball for quite a while now. its my passion. sports to me, in my opinoin lets me relieve stress and allows me to be myself. all the pain, critisisms from others who dont understand, people talking about me as if i were some alien. all that gets left outside the field. iv grown from all that and learned that i have people that love and care for me no matter what i look like. people who dont understand and tease us have no life and seem to find joy in humiliating others. its not fair but its the world we live in. we have to be strong and show others that we are just the same as they are except we appreciate our life more than they do. make sure he finds friends that will comfort him and be his friend not feeling bad just because of his condition. tell him to not be afraid just be strong and have faith.
Thanks Monique
So wise for a 17 year old.
I believe that having Alopecia certainly makes you a stronger person.
I will pass on this comment to Jon. He is starting a new school tomorrow. It is a small Christian school. He has a close friend that goes there. He feels very comfortable with this friend as he accepts Jon for who he is and they have alot in common which is good.
He is getting stronger and more accepting every day.
Thank you again for caring.
Hope that all is well with you
Hi Susan, think it would be very important for you and your son to stay connected to a support group. They are everywhere and you would be able to talk with people that has a similar situation as your son (and you). The groups are very beneficial for you to be there physically and find out what other options to take and great emotionally to talk with other on how they cope and live with this disorder. Going on the internet and finding a group in your area is extremely important. You and your son needs to do that as soon as possible and then you'll see that you're not alone.
Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately Jon is adamant he doesn't wish to go to any support groups. The closest one to us at the moment is in Sydney and is around a 9 hour drive. There was one for a time only about 4 hours away. I am hoping that that one will start up again.
We are a member of the group in Sydney but have yet to physically attend. I am hoping that we will get Jon to one this year. We are working on him ;)
This site has helped, even though he doesn't want to be a member himself he comes in and reads comments and that when I am on here. He did communicate a tad with a couple of other teenagers on here. But he is a bit stubborn.
He is seeing a counsellor at the moment and has started a new small Christian school where a close friend goes to. He has been going for a week now and there has been such a change in him. He said that he is happy to go to school now. He enjoys the class he is in. All the kids get on with each other and relate well to the teacher. This week he started playing indoor soccer and is talking about joining a soccer team this winter. He has been going to a youth group where alot of the Christian students go and it is run by a family friend. He has been communicating more to friends, girls and family. So I think he is going forward at last. He had 6 months off overall. Maybe he just needed a bit of time to think and accept?
I will continue to try to get him to a support group meeting though cos I agree that it would help him.
Thanks again
Hi Susan, sounds like Jon is making great strides in being more relaxed and coming to terms with his condition. Sounds good and hopefully he will continue and the both of you will be able to go to a support group that is only 4 hours away.
Yes Gale, he is making great strides. I am so proud of him. I am hopeful that it is possible for us to go to a support group meeting soon.
Thank you for caring.



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