I just wanted to give everyone an update on my fiancé's progress while taking Xeljanz. My fiancé has had alopecia for the past 2 years. When she first started taking Xeljanz she had no eyebrows or eyelashes, and about 80% hair loss on her scalp. After taking 5 mgs twice a day for the past 2 months she has started to have regrowth on her eyelashes and eyebrows.
Please keep in mind they are not terminal hairs yet, but it is a huge start considering she had none. This is a great sign that she is responding to the medicine. Although she has not noticed any regrowth on her scalp as of now, the hair that she does have has not been fallen out since starting Xeljanz

We both continue to stay positive and optimistic.

Please contact me if you have any question I would be glad to help out in anyway that I can.

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Good Luck Merry, I wish you all the best.
She was able to get it prescribed, Lucky her insurance covered it. Message me if you want any info on the doctor in nyc.
My 18 year old son just started the drug yesterday- hoping for some regrowth- will keep you posted if we see any progress

Yes please do.  Good luck to your son. I wish him all the best!

Thank you
I am in week 5 of the Columbia trial and have regrowth the on 100% of my head (I was 85%-90% bald before the trial. Also have fuzzy eyebrows and baby lashes forming. No regrowth on arms or legs yet that I can see. So far have had tremendous results with zero side effects. I am on 5mg of Xeljanz 2x/day.
Wonderful news hoping we see the same- all the best!!!!
Here is a picture as of today.
That is so awesome!! When did you first notice hair growth? I've been on xeljanz for two and a half weeks and haven't noticed anything yet but I know it takes time. Thanks for sharing!
Julie,I noticed small white hairs around the beginning of the third week and they have progressively spread and turned to my natural hair color.

Wow that's amazing!!!! I am so happy for you. Thanks for posting the pic.

My fiancé noticed a new patch of regrowth on the side of her head.

Amazing!! Congrats on your regrowth.



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