Yesterday in a Costco parking lot I met my first fellow Xeljanzer (my made-up term) IN PERSON! I saw this pretty bald girl, ran up to her and said "Hey sister" and gave her a hug. We started talking and she told me she has been on Xeljanz for 8 months,and she got it from a local dermatologist, who recommended it to her. She has most of her eyebrows back, but said her hair growth has been erratic and uneven so she purposely still shaves her head. We exchanged phone numbers and plan to keep in touch. It made me wonder if there are any other Xeljanzers, or those that want to get on it, in the San Francisco Bay Area where I live? Alternatively, some of you might want to get together with others in person who live near you. It's one thing to see pictures of hair regrowth, but seeing it first-hand is even better!

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Hi Xeljanzmiracle. I live in Baltimore, Maryland and have been on Xeljanz for 9 months. Have full regrowth of scalp hair and working on body hair. My response was slow, but definitely kicking in now. Would love to meet other Zeljanz users in my area if there are any.
Hi Starshine! Do you Have any current pictures?
Hello! I'm a female 34 years old AU for 15 years!
I gave up treatments a long time ago because nothing seemed to work without bad side effects
After seen Xeljanz and Dr. King on the news I decided to get an appointment with him since I'm also in CT. I was on it for 3 months, but had to stop for a few months because of the financial and now I'm finally back on it 2 pills a day for about a month and a half. The great thing is that all the hair that grew did not fall off when I was not taking Xeljanz for a few months, so there's hope!
Would love to meet other "Xeljanzers" around CT!
Thanks for posting on here 2015!

You're welcome! Hope more people come post here too!

Hi Xeljanz2015-

I am a fellow Xeljanzers from CT! I am 35 and was originally diagnosed with AU at age 3 1/2. I was very fortunate that after 3 years my hair grew back in and I continued to have AA until after the birth of my twins in 2012. From there I battled with my AA doing shots 1 x a month and it slowly progressed to AU again. I was very fortunately to get in to see Dr. King in June and started Xeljanz shortly after the appointment. While the regrowth is not as quick as I hoped, I am slowly seeing regrowth! 

Hi 2bunnies, I see Dr King too and I'm having a great regrowth. It took over a month to start seeing signs of growth, but then I was off the meds for a few months due to insurance problems.

Now I'll get to see exactly how it's going to work since I won't have to stop taking it again. Still have several patches around, I'm finally starting to see improvement on those patches after a month and a half back on Xeljanz. I was fortunate not to lose what grew on the previous 3 months of treatment, so that part keeps growing longer and longer!

Congratulations 2bunnies!!! Did you notice that Xeljanz2015 and you both live in Connectict and you both see Dr. King? You are my first Xeljanzer match! You two can make plans to get together and see each other's hair regrowth in person. That is exactly why I d rated this discussion. I'm happy for you guys!

Yes it's great Xeljanzmiracle! I haven't had contact with anyone with alopecia in such a long time! There was a  support group nearby, but they ended the meetings. Great to keep in touch with people going though the same as me!

Hi! I'm in Seattle Washington and have been on Xeljanz for 4 months now. I started July 1st with 2 pills a day and went up to 4 pills a day on September 1st. At this point I haven't had any growth, only a few little hairs on my scalp that haven't done anything for 2 months. I did get injections and have growth in a spot about the size of a softball, but with my experience with the injections the hair falls out within a few months. I just took prednisone yesterday and will take it again in one month. Praying this will work. If it doesn't, then we will explore another option. Alopecia can run on different pathways for different people so I'm not giving up!

Good for you Serinaadele I hope it eventually kicks in!

where can I buy xeljanz in mexico? I can not go back insurance denied, xelsource denied me this year after helping me for two years, prescription hope also helped me but soon after they all seem to think I make too much money. I am a registered nurse in the ER help thousands of people, but I can not help myself its very tragic for me to just give up on my treatment that works.  



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