Alrighty this baffles me, according to docs and dermos AA strike when your younger and can repeat itself later in life, rare that a person in there 40's would have it for the first time.

Well if this is the case, I asked my mum, Mum said I did not have anything of the sort when I was young, then I think to myself why now? or is she crazy and payed no attention... ok maybe if I had such when younger I could be more educated in such and always in my mind I would know it may come back again, But to supposedly get it now for the first time, kida Pees me off,

( anal side of me typing now) as if we don't have enough pressures of staying and looking a certain way as we age, we try aging gracefully, try to stay at peace within ourselves etc.....but then this happens and it's like all the things we worked towards in becoming or trying to be of sound mind and body BLOWS UP .....and do mean literately...

sorry if My anal side lack of tacked when it comes to appearance of having hair offended anyone, it's just the way I feel

ages please when it first happened?

p.s.......thanx in advance

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hi I'm Angie and I was 46 and never had no hair issues.

I was 43 when I got my first sign of alopecia areata.

32 and never had alopecia before this year.

I am now 21 and had AA since I was 8

43 and my first occurrence, and very scared

Hi Rayne,
I was 23 when I found my first spot. Come to find out that both my mother and great-grandmother both had it. My mother had it for 9 months, made no changes, and hers grew back and she continues to have a beautiful head of hair to this day.

It's been a long road for me, I currently have full regrowth on my head, eyelashes, and most of my eyebrows. Has been this way for over a year since I had a food sensitivity test and eliminated all the foods that my body indicated a reaction to. Regrowth was almost immediate, but I eventually did use the shots to give them a "boost." I also feel great now that I changed my diet and didn't realize that what I was putting in my mouth was having such a negative impact on me. They say that we are what we eat and I found that out firsthand!

Good Luck!!

I am 32 and just now seeing the first signs of my AA... My dermatologist didnt act like it was a big deal when i went in to see her and gave me some cream. she said it looked like it was at its worst and i should see regrowth soon. The first patch progressed slowly and it was golf ball sized when she saw it a few months ago.She was horribly mistaken, I am now 70% patchy and its affecting my facial hair too. doesnt seem to be slowing...Whats sad is that I dont even care to go back to the doc because I don't think she has any ideas on how to treat or where to start. I think she looked at my head, then went and googled the symptoms... lol! I was more informed than her from my research prior to the visit! SMH!

And you're right, most are mystified by this and I eventually stopped going to the derm until the last year or so. In the Western culture we have the tendency of wanting to cure from the outside in. Take these pills, use this cream......and so on. I realized that the skin is the largest organ on your body and will indicate when there are issues within. this is why I worked with diet and supplementation. I've had success, and wanted to share my story with those still struggling with this in the hopes that it will help others. I guess there is some validity to the old adage of "you are what you eat..."

Best of luck, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

I was about 14 the first time I got a bald spot. The spots came and grew back in until I was about 41. It all fell out at age 41 and I started to grow blonde peach fuzz. I am now 44 and just a month or so ago I got an intramuscular corticosteroid injection for a pustular skin condition. Much to my surprise, my blonde peach fuzz is turning brown and there is more fuzz! I'm pretty excited but I know it might reverse itself when my body filters the steroid.

I was 21 when i 1st discovered AA on me.I went to the see the doc,and he gave me few injections on the patches..the result was good.But when the patches gone,few more patches occured,but unable to treat it with the injections.Im 36 now...and my condition is getting worst.The patches are growing widely,i lost almost 90% of hair on both my earline till the back.I believe mine is quite serious.
DID any one tried using the onions juice ,does it really work as i got some infos for the net.

You can use onion juice, but the only thing it is going to do is make you smell......

People come up with the weirdest things to try to help AA, I never heard of using onion juice



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