My name is Maria and I was diagnosed with alopecia when i was 6 mo pregnant. I have lost all my hair...even my eyebrows and eye lashes. I dont kno what to do. I hate the way i look and i cant get used to it. I wear a wig and draw on my eyebrows but i cant wear the fake eyelashes cause its irriates my skin....I am only 23 and dont kno how to just except it. I have been praying that my hair grows back. has anyones hair grown back? please help me i really need some support. everyone around me has no clue what im going through or how i feel..i cant help but cry. and i dont like going out into public cause everyone stares.... :**(

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Hi Maria,
My name is Kim and I have had alopecia for a long time. I use a liquid on my eyebrows called diprolene you can get it from a doctor or dermatologist it made mine come back. If your still pregnant maybe when you have the baby it will come back. As far as the eyelashes it took me a long time to get them right and alot of screaming but i do both every day both top and bottom and now it takes me about 5 minutes. You must get yourself a human hair wig they look the most natural look at look of love .com i use them and also try the lace wigs. This definately sucks but i just learned to live with it and as far as people staring just make yourself feel as normal as possible your still you inside. This is a big shock but as I said when you have the baby it could come back hormones do crazy things. If you need anything else feel free to contact me. Kim
Yeah my sons 16 mo old now :) hes amazing. I have tried the lashes and its just soo hard. I will keep on trying to..for some reason i just keep thinking that i look like a drag queen...but its probably just cause im not used to it yet. i do not know. thanks for the encourgement :) and lifting my spirits :)

Everything happens for a're not sick and it might grow back and if not, you can get ready to leave the house faster than the average woman! Believe me, I was "devastated", but got through with strength of family and friends. I'd highly suggest getting permanent brows and liner and a good wig. I've talked to others that have had their hair grow back, but then it fell out again. I'd suggest investing in a good wig and have just ordered one myself.

E-mail me if you'd like to.

Keep your head up!

Hi Leah,
I am deffinitly considering geting permenant eybrows and eyeliner, im not sure how much that cost. but im deffinitly thinking about it. Thanks for lifting my spirits :) and your right atleast im not sick and it might grow back! :) thanks again!
I spent so much time worrying about what other people thought and soooooooo much money on different ways to hide my alopecia. I'm happier than ever now I'm 'out' and don't notice anyone looking. I leant on my family for support and whilst none of them have alopecia and cant imagine how it must feel to loose your hair, they're there to listen. You'll soon have more to occupy your thoughts with a new baby, I have 2 kids aged 3 and 1 and thats part of the reason I ditched the wig - i just didn't have the time or money to bother anymore. I'm sure it's only your imagination that people are staring and if people do look it's probably only to be inquisitive, nothing nasty. Sure you'll be fine with time. Good luck :)
Hi Maria,
I've had alopecia for about 30 yrs. off and on, alopecia areata to alopecia totalis. Over the years I've went to doctors and it helped for a while the medication to put on the scalp and then it didn't help. I've went from having a hat to a scarf and now I still wear a scarf with a hat. When I'm indoors I keep the scarf on and then outdoors I put the hat or baseball/football cap on. I've learned to deal with having it and eventually people will get used to seeing you with the scarf and they will keep their comments down to a minimum.
Hi there Maria. I know that this a shock to your system but just hang in there. Try and be positive and just as Kim said, it is most probably your hormones playing tricks on you. I wish that where the case for me but it is not. I am 35 and lost all my hair at the age of 12yrs old. I also had people stare and me and I tell you what it broke me down completely. I had to work on my self confidence and self-esteem and you know what I still am working on it. It is not easy to live a life with Alopecia but by the grace of God we seem to get through the day. I am sure you will be fine just don't give up on hope and keep the faith alive.

Hi Maria, little by little there are events that you may possibly attend that are uplifting and entertaining. You get to meet a lot of other Alopecians that will share their opinions with you. The Bald Girls Do Lunch is Feb. 10th and my motivational/inspirational talk(w/snacks & refreshments) is another and that's Sunday, Feb. 21st. Check the events here at Alopecia World. If you feel like attending one of these events contact the person at the number given. Have a good day!
Hi, my name is paige and i have had the same thing since i was 6 i lost it all within a month. It is hard but there is a chance that it will "turn off" as they say but i know its hard now but it will get better. It has taken me 12 years to be ok with goin around town with out my wig on. but i dont care what ppl think of me. My aunt had a little girl named seirra in 2006 and when she was little she didnt like me with it on she liked me better with out it. she would put her hand on my hair and i would tell her if she could take it off and if we werent in public she would pull it off. she did not like it at all she liked rubbing my head when i held her. she still to this day doesnt like it on me. Yes ppl look but i just look about with big eyes and some ppl with just think that u have cancer and goin threw chemo. most ppl dont know about it and the thing with makeup is that i use eye liner, just a thin line and it looks like u have lashes, cuz the fake lashes dont stay on cuz u need real ones to keep them on. one thing i do too when ppl stare is to say hi, or wave to them then they dont know what to do, they seam to be more imbarresed then u feel so it makes me think about what they are doin. i like the fact that i can change the color of my hair when ever i want with out having to dye it, and a big plus is that u dont have to shave ur is a great place to get nice cheap wigs cuz being 20 years old i dont have to money. I hope it gets easyer u can always email me if u need to talk.




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