What do you say when you run into an acquaintance and they say I love/like your hair?
So far if I know the person fairly well I have been able to share "Thank you... but it isn't really growing out of my scalp." and explain why. Or what to say if, anything when they are complaining about hair in general.Yesterday I was with a group of people and a couple of them started complaining about their Bad Hair Day problems, and I wanted to scream!!! I just stayed quite...I don't know if they knew I was wearing a wig, which I usually wear when I am out in public.
On the flipside the other day I met someone at the store whom I assumed has Alopecia, struck up a conversation... she has AU and I was able to talk and share with her, it was so nice to have a conversation face to face with someone who knows what it like to live w/o hair!!!

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It depends on how well I know someone and how comfortable I am with them. I have actually been telling alot of people about my wig. I figured I see it as a time to educate about alopecia. I think if more people knew about it and were educated about it, that there may be more acceptance of people with alopecia.
I think that after I tell people about the wig and if they start complaining about their hair, then I just make a joke about how I don't have to deal with that anymore..thank god!
I wasn't going to tell people, but I figured that it would be better to come out and tell everyone so that I wasn't hiding my new confident self like I was hiding my old self before I got my wig. I even sent out a mass email to my family members and some friends and told them about my wig and my situation, I got a great response from that.
This way too, they understand if I have a different style of hair here and there and miraculously grow longer hair overnight =)
When someone (even a man) says that my hair always looks nice, or my hairstyle is cute, or they really like a particular style on me, I thank them and right away tell them it's a wig. I can't keep my own secrets!* People always find my story very interesting, and I've started some nice conversations this way. As a bonus, people I tell always remember me; it's just another way I'm unique! Because I'm so open and positive about telling people, no one ever seems to feel sorry for me or act like I had some unhealthy condition. I emphasize that tons of people besides those with Alopecia or those experiencing medical hair loss wear wigs as part of their daily fashion statements -- why not? Two women in particular told me that they felt helpless about their own hair loss until they met me, not realizing I wore wigs. If I hadn't told them my hair was a wig, they may never have seen wigs as a viable solution. I've taken many a gal wig shopping! In fact, I'm taking a fellow jazz singer shopping in the next week or so. (It almost rivals shoe shopping for a fun afternoon!)

P.S. No man who flirted openly with me ever backed off because I told them I wore a wig. In fact, I think they find the confidence it exudes terribly sexy!

* I keep other people's secrets VERY well.

Hi Marie, I am feeling the same way. Lately as more people ask me where I get my hair done, what color etc...everyone is so amazed when I tell them this is alternative/synthetic hair...I love trying on new styles, lengths and colors. I figure I may as well have fun, and hope someday I can help others who are going through life with hair loss! My husband doesn't talk much with me about my struggle with Alopecia, so maybe that's why I share now even with total strangers? I just am not quite ready to sort the bald look.
Well before I joined this website, I would always just say "thank you" when they told me my hair looked great. Since joining this website, I find myself telling even total strangers that it's a wig. A couple of weeks ago a bank teller commented how great my hair looked and was that style easy to maintain. I told her it was a wig and she said she would never have known and she was a hair stylist before becoming a bank teller. I haven't had anyone back away from me because I disclose this and it actually opens up a discussion that lets me share my story.

I don't think they had any idea you were wearing a wig or they wouldn't have been so comfortable talking like that. They really look natural. I would just laugh and say, "well I don't have to worry about that!", and fluff your hair confidently. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Lot's of women wear wigs. The lady I buy mine from wears them, and has been for 20 years, because she always hated her hair. If your group then said, "Why is that?" You could just laugh and say, "It is a wig" or "That's my secret". And they would probably say, "I didn't know that!" They don't know why you're wearing one,even if they found out. I know when I first really got super thin, before I thru in the towel and started wearing wigs. I felt like I'd lost my femininity and I was so ashamed. But that is so silly. I know I can't help this! I am more than my hair. And I've said it before, now that I've worn wigs for so long, if I grew back a full head of hair tomorrow, I would probably still opt to wear wigs. My bio hair could never look this good. I mean it did when I was 18, but it would likely be starting to turn a bit gray, and the texture would probably be crappy. So, embrace your wigs. If someone you don't know says "You have the prettiest hair" say "Thank You!" I was wearing a burgundy brown, colored wig about a year ago, and this lady asked me, Oh what color dye do you use, I've got to get that! I was like, "Um, Loreal I think" LOL Even I go around looking at people, trying to peg who is wearing, and who isn't. They make them so well these days, it's hard to tell. If the wig fits you well, and the color is right for you, Like yours definitely is. Chances are no one knows.
Just go with it! You look Mahvahlous!!!! xoxo

I think when someone compliments your wig, just say, "thank you." Whether you grew it or bought it at a salon, it is your's!

In my wig wearing days in college (I never made it a secret since I would be bald one day, brunette the next, etc.) when asked if that was my hair (on a wig wearing day), I'd say, "yes, you want to see the receipt?"

God bless,


Larry I just now saw your reply, months later! Thanks you for responding! I hope you are doing good! My Pastors wife said basically the same thing since it was something I did buy it is mine! lol



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