so i'm taking drivers ed right now, and one of the requirements on a license is to put your hair color.
i've never really had hair.
and i have no eyebrows or eyelashes.
so what would i put on the license?

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They just put none for me
I always have my photo taken with a wig on. You never know when you need to take it off and show that you're "having a stressful day, officer."
Oh wow. I like it. Never thought of this before.
Now I know what to do next time I get pulled over.
Ticket writers are ruthless in my county and towns make a habit of dropping the speed limit to 20 immediately after you swing off a highway and continue on up into the local connector. It's quite unfair if you don't live there and know all the traps and where signs are obscured by overgrown trees. But I once got a speeding ticket reduced to no points and only a little surcharge. I just showed up in traffic court bald. I have no idea what the judge thought. He didn't ask and I didn't say anything other than that I had extenuating circumstances that particular day as my excuse. He wanted to get through the morning as fast as possible and didn't care to ask what my circumstances were. win-win.

well, when i received my permit, under "hair color", it had been printed as "bald," despite that on my application for it, i had put "none." my family was shocked by this, and were actually offended. i didn't mind it, really, but i understand where people could take it as offensive. i'd be fine with just "none."
Personally, I'd write 'blue' or 'green' - may as well have fun with it =) Although, if you do get pulled over, I doubt the officer will be softened by your sense of humor, so perhaps 'none' is better.
I change my wig color every now and then and it's funny to see the reaction on the faces of retailers when checking out my license..... I will always comment something funny like "yea, that was two colors ago" I like to be creative! Writing none like Natasha did is another idea. I never thought of that.



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