Diabetics with Alopecia and still lovin life


Diabetics with Alopecia and still lovin life

As if Diabetes isn't enough to get a person down and feeling like they were dealt a bad hand, along comes good old bad autoimmune system and Alopecia. Still no reason not to have an awesome lifestyle!

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Want A Better Autoimmune sytem?

We all know that there is no cure YET for either types of Diabetes or Alopecia. Basically, all one can do is give their body the most proper NUTRITION possible. After all, it is us that have the choice 24 hours a day regarding what we put in our mouth.

Diabetes is a disease or better said, a disorder where the pancreas stops producing insulin, which breaks down the glucose (sugars) in your system. I have been insulin dependent diabetic for about 20 years now. I often wonder, with the amazing medical technology and organ transplants these days, why can't a bad pancreas be transplanted with a good pancreas? I wonder how many times that question has been asked?

We are pretty sure there is no "cure" for all phases of Alopecia and nothing can be transplanted to make it go away. I am by no means any kind of medical expert, but I am thinking that even if a hair transplant was done, there is a very good chance that out friend/enemy, the autoimmune system will once again treat those hair follicles like little terrorists and wipe them out. I wish there was an answer to why the patches of hair fall out at random for a lot of us and then come back and disappear again.

I would love to share with you something that has really helped me and my lifestyle. For 30 years now, a concept of CELLULAR NUTRITION has been the only true way to create Optimum Health, Wellness, and Vitality.

It is not really widely known, but it is really very simple when explained. Did you know that our cells all keep replacing themselves at a rate that every 7-8 years, our body is completely rebuilt? Our skin, our organs, our blood vessels, our skeleton, etc. Not all at the same rate, of course. This does baffle me why Alopecia is what IT is.

Anyway, just think. If you can provide your cells the PROPER Nutrition it really requires at least, 80% of the time, (We gotta live and have fun too) then these cells replace themselves with even healthier new cells.

Think of a very basic way of looking at cancer. It essentially kills people because reproduction of really bad cells happen at a rate far too high for our body to heal itself.

I don’t know if anything will ever save us from the despair and trapped feeling of having Alopecia, but I do know how to keep my body the healthiest that it can possibly be and make my diabetes much more manageable than it was a few years ago.

I am pretty lazy, so I was fortunate to come across a real no-brainer way to give my body all the excellent cellular nutrition it needs. And WOW what a difference it did make.

In addition to being diabetic, I was also chronically STUPID. I was a heavy smoker since age 15. I was a heavy drinker and borderline alcoholic from age 16 to 49. I have had more ailment, illnesses, and disorders to take time to list here.

The worst one, though was when I had a minor heart attack one month before I turned 50. I was at my job (where a huge percentage of heart attacks occur) It was the numbness in the left arm and slight chest pains that tipped me off. When I got to the hospital emergency room, the pain became incredibly unbearable and they immediately ran a catheter from my groin up to my heart and did an angioplasty and placed a stent in my heart to prevent future blockage. I was smoking cigarettes that day. This was alarming enough to make me stop smoking for sure. I had stopped drinking a couple years before, mainly only because some of the oral medication I took for my diabetes made me very ill for 3 days if I even had one beer. They should sell that stuff at AA (the other AA) meetings!

I was watching my diet pretty closely after that for a while, anyway. And by the way the word DIET really means the types f food you consume and whatever regimen you are choosing to feed yourself. A DIET is not a weight loss program! DIETS never really work, now do they? I will explain why in another discussion some time, and you will find that reason ridiculously simple also. My ‘diet choices’ were as the dietician prescribed. But you know what? I got back into the train of thought that at lest 80% of a American people do. OH! That healthy stuff is just way too expensive. Why spend $6.00 on those organic things, when I can get these on sale/ My schedule is too tight, I need quick, comfort food. To save time and (money?) I will swing by fast food heaven and “Nourish” myself. Yes, I went down that path faster than I had actually predicted. Little did I know, even then, that it really is a PAY ME NOW or PAY ME later kind of thing when we are buying our food choices isn’t it?

About 8 months after this life changing experience I was very fortunate to be introduced to Herbalife products. (Be careful now…we aren’t talking hippie herbs and an Amway concept at all)

Mark Hughes the founder of Herbalife International. 30 years ago, was SO Far ahead of his time. He studied cultures and lotions and potions all around the world until he learned what ingredients can be combined to maximize cellular nutrition.

I had no clue about any of that. All I knew was I researched the company and they have an excellent marketing and compensation plan. My job was becoming horrible and it was obvious that the economy was causing our management to be coming close to pulling the plug on the department with a very large bank that I was working at.

I NEEDED a 2nd stream of income, so I bought a bunch of Herbalife products that smarter people than me had selected for me and I began learning how to build my new home-based business. Well, if you are going you market a product, you at least have to take the product yourself. I was not expecting any real results and in fact my economic part of my brain tried telling me this was too expensive to be adding to my grocery and fast food budget.

This is a BRIEF rendition of my product-using testimonial. In fact, I am literally a product of the products.

I mixed up 2 awesome tasting protein shakes of multiple flavors, took a small handful of tablets (not pills like doctors like to prescribe to us to mask problems instead of cure them) 3 times a day and had a colorful meal in the evening. This meal was small because, to much of my surprise, I was NEVER hungry all day and had no cravings. Let’s see if in the long run, I could actually afford buying a 30-day supply of this stuff every month.

In 3 weeks, I lost 23 pounds that I did not know that I needed to lose. I mean in my face, my arms, and areas other than where we mostly focus, the belly. Think about it when people see you on the street see you, they cannot WEIGH you on the spot. They may not see a smaller stomach, because fashion designers have gotten smart and design clothes to make lots of people look less fat. BUT, when they see a couple less chins, a thinning of the face, with skin tight instead of drooping, they immediately ask WHAT IS IT that you are DOING?!

This happened to me and the funny part was this. I was weighing myself every morning to help develop my product story and for 4 days I saw no reduction in “weight”. I learned later that we can have plateaus in weight loss plus many people don’t consider that with proper cellular nutrition, you are replacing fat cells with lean muscle. Anyway, it was exactly at this time that 2 people in the same day stopped me in the hallway at work and said WHAT IS IT that you are DOING?! They even said I don’t care what you call what you are doing or what it costs, I want to do what you are doing! You look fantastic!

The weight loss did continue and I went from 191 to 167 in 3 weeks! And by the way I was still too lazy to do any exercise that whole time. Mostly sitting at a computer at home and at work.

OK, so how can I afford this extra expense and justify this in my food budget? First of all, I noticed, that since I did not feel hunger anymore when I went to grocery store, I bought much less items, and as I was in training to become a Wellness Coach, I was learning to buy only certain items and “That health food” was affordable and my grocery bill still decreased.

Now the part that really helped my decision was that after that 3 weeks I went to the doctor and he was more than surprised.

In just that short time, my blood sugar averages were lower than he had seen them. Here is the real interesting part. My blood sugars were so much in balance (even a little low) I first stopped taking that dreadful oral medication altogether (on my own) Then a few days later I had to reduce my insulin usage down to a third of what I had been on for a very long time. My blood sugars were still very good and the doctor agreed with my self-prognosis.

That isn’t all. After he looked at my blood work the following week,, he reduced my insulin dosage prescription and took me off 4 of my medications that I had taken for years. Meds for high blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, acid reflux, and that nasty Metformin, that made me ill all the time. I actually celebrated a month later and had a beer or two and no bad symptoms at all.

So, the short term savings was great but even better than that my LONG-TERM health, and decreased medical bills and a avoiding needing huge amount of orange prescription bottles later in life were most likely going to save me tens of thousands of dollars in the long haul. AND that long haul will probably be even longer now thanks to Herbalife.

A wise person told me that you are either going to have dozens of orange prescription bottles full of PILLS on your nightstand or in your medicine cabinet, Let alone many doctor appointments and medical bills, when you get older, or you can have maybe a dozen bottle of TABLETS or less in your kitchen. The choice is yours. (pay YOURSELF now or pay THEM later)

When the doctor asked me what the heck I was doing different, I puffed up my chest and said I am using Herbalife products. He looked at me like a hippie herbologist that belonged to a cult and looked away. Then he looked at my file again and sent me home.

I now feel 10 years younger and have more energy than I had in 2 decades. My diabetes is much more manageable now and believe it or not, my autoimmune system is probably as good as it can get even if Alopecia (raises its ugly head) At least I know that I am giving my cells the proper nutrition and not poisoning myself with toxins to allow AL - you know- (Mr. Opecia) to run more rampant than he has and most likely will.

So I shave my head, mix up a couple shakes and take some tablets and eat very normally and keep a very optimistic about life because I am doing the best I can to make those little cells as happy as can be.

Of course I would be doing YOU an injustice and disservice if I didn’t show you where you can go online and look at these products and consider ordering them in the comfort of your own home and have them shipped to your doorstep all by pointing and clicking.
Here is my online shopping mall site: www.no-weighting4money.com

Any orders placed before December 31, 2009 will have FREE SHIPPING.
After 3 months on your personal program, I offer a 10% discount.

Here is the good part. I am not here to sell anybody a bunch of products. I am a Wellness and Nutrition Coach as well as a Weight Loss Challenge Coach. By that I mean that my services are offered FREE to real serious people that KNOW they need to make positive changes RIGHT NOW.

I can guide you online and show you where you can attend FREE lessons, but more important than that, we can work together to customize and personalize a plan that fits you exactly and adjust it over time as changes become needed.

I can even teach you how to become a Weight Loss Challenge Coach yourself. It is SO REWARDING. It basically allows you to have a group of people attend our online Nutrition Classes for no cost. However if they want to meet a group, they can participate in the challenge, They pay a one time fee of $39. We donate $10 to the get fit kids organization to fight child obesity.
http://gofitkids.org/ That is another topic that I could go on and on about!

$4.00 goes to the Coach or coaches to cover cost for materials. Then $25 is put into the pot and the TOP 3 people that lose the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE of weight win the CASH.

50% for 1st place, 30% for 2nd place, and 20% for 3rd place. It is a ton of fun! It can be doe in 12 weeks or 6 weeks. Everything is outlined for the coaches and the participants online at www.weightlosschallenge.com
Some people have walked away much thinner and with $400 in their pocket (to help buy the new smaller wardrobe that they need now)

There is even a chance to be a biggest LOSER and enter a drawing to win a Hawaiian vacation. The coach of that winner wins a Hawaiian Vacation too!
You can email me at PDXWeightLossChallengeCoach@comcast.net if you have any questions regarding Weight Loss Challenges.
Wishing you ALL the best and God Bless you and your optimistic healthy future starting today!

Keith Davey
503-709-4467 cell phone

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