Ladies - I have a favor to ask... Please share photos of yourself with super short hair or shaved heads. There are many women on the site who have graciously offered images of their transformations, and I thank you. I would like to see more. For me, it is so uplifting and inspiring to see you rock the short-to-no-hair look. I would especially like to see pictures of women with androgenic alopecia (female pattern hair loss), since many of us retain all-over hair to some degree, and it looks different than the baldness of those with alopecia totalis. If you are willing, would you consider posting some pictures of yourselves that show off your hair (or lack of hair)? I would love to see glamour shots, all done up pretty, but any way you feel comfortable will be helpful. As my hair continues to thin and I work toward shaving, it helps to to see pictures of other women who have boldly taken the plunge. It also helps me envision what I will look like. Thanks so much. - Kate

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Shaving is the best thing I ever did.
JoAnne - THANK YOU for sharing your pictures openly. You look lovely in your current hair, it suites you so well. Thanks so much for your willingness to reply and share. I appreciate it! - Kate

This is exactly what I'd like to see too! Hopefully a comment can reinvigorate the discussion... 

I also have AGA and consider shaving/buzzing. 



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