Hi everyone!  I have been dealing with my female pattern baldness for about a year and it has been such a nightmare for me.  I never had very thick hair but it was fine and lots of it.  I always had my hair cut and cut once a month for years and had always gotten compliments on how nice it was, and then out of the clear blue sky last year I went to pull part of the top back for work like I had always done I could see my scalp and noticed that I had lost so much volume! At that time I hadn’t lost any hair on top of my head yet but was in a panic.  I went to see my hair dresser that I had had for 3 years and was in tears and she told me it was all in my head and was over reacting!  She said the only thing she could do was cut my hair super sort and she told me not to wash it everyday and to just use dry shampoo.  I am a cleaner and it was so hot and humid and I had lost so much volume and was sweating so much at work that I was so embarrassed!  A month later I started to notice in top of losing so much volume I was also able to see through my part of my hair on my right side.  I went for my monthly appointment and she still said that I was worrying too much.  I was so devastated and upset with her that I decided to research hairloss places wear I live and found a hair salon that deals with hair loss issues. I also went to my doctor that recommended a dermatologist but my appointment wasn’t for almost a year later.  The lady at the salon had told me that she figured it was androgenetic alopecia.  She sold me some hair powder which has been a life saver but my hair is so thin at the top that it looks so awful and I am so embarrassed.  I keep getting told it isn’t noticeable but my hair looks so awful now.  I don’t have bald spots but I have gaps, and my hair isn’t connected at the top anymore.  My dermatologist recommended rogaine which I won’t use because I have heard it can cause more hairloss and you have to use it forever or your hair comes out and that’s if it even works! She also recommended some male pill which I don’t even want to try.  I cried in her office. She also recommended this plasma treatment but that costs $800!!  The only thing I can think would be maybe a good solution would be a hair topper but right now I can’t afford one.  So upset that they charge so much money for these things!  I am being told to just deal with it but before this happened I had a very low self esteem and have been dealing with severe depression and anxiety since I was a teenager and now it’s making things so much worse!  I am only 41, I am having a hard time at work.  I don’t even want to leave my house.  I have an appointment with my hair dresser today and I used get so excited about getting my hair done and now it just usually cry because I can’t stand how I look and I just want to deal with it and move on but I just can’t seem to.

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So sorry this is happening to you.  I guess we all here can identify with what you are going through.  I always had thin hair, but for the past 12 yrs. it has been thinning more and more, and I have a type of alopecia where I have no hair on the nape and rounding up by my ears. I have all over diffuse thinning as well.  Looks a fright.  At least I am now retired since January.  Living in this heat, a full time wig would be unbearable. I need a hat due to the intense sun...so I always wear a ball cap.  The person I have become is so NOT ME, or at least not the ME I was always used to seeing.   In your case, I myself would shy away from toppers...and I know many wear them, but with thin fine hair, and having it thinning out more all the time, I would fear the clips on a heavy topper would further damage and weaken the hair I had left.



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