Hi LGBT Alopcian Friends:

Does anyone have experience singing in a lgbt chorus, while wearing a head scarf or bandana?  I am wondering if I would fit into the local chorus.  If I joined the chorus, I would have to make sure that they would allow me to wear my head coverings that were designed for women with alopecia.  If there were a skit involving taking off hats or changing hats, I would to have to be sure to stay far away and sing in the background.

Right now, I sing in my congregation's choir and that is a positive, affirming experience.  The dress code is solid color on top and black slacks or skirt.  When I asked the choir director if the definition of "top" could me amended to include a solid colored head scarf, he said that would be fine.  So far, everyone in the congregation choir has been warm and welcoming towards me, although I would like to branch out and occasionally sing with the local lgbt chorus.

Any singers out there?


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I sang in the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles long before I lost my hair.  But I would be shocked if ANY GALA chorus did not accomodate.  I know that members who could not stand unaided for an entire could use a bar stool.  I've seen chorus members at the GALA Choruses Festival using wheelchairs, crutches, canes, and other assistive devices, and blind and visually impaired assisted onstage. 

I would think that the same approach you used with your congregation's choir should work as well.  I believe the bylaws of the GALA Choruses ban discrimination of any kind. 

Don't know if this was helpful, but I hope you pursue your choral dreams. 



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