I'm not sure what form of alopecia I have, but I've been thinning on top of my crown for a while now - and it has been pretty devastating. I'm also a female, butch, overweight (I'm working on it) and now ...thinning in the wrong areas (I wish I was losing weight! haha). How are people dealing with jobs while being gay, and dealing with alopecia at the same time?

More and more I'm thinking of focusing my career toward more freelance opportunities - that way I can be me at whatever stage.


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Hi Luc, I have had alopecia totalis (no hair on scalp) for a ton of years. It was pretty shocking and devastating at first but little by little learned to adjust. I always wore a scarf (bandanna) and then outside for the sun or rain, etc. a tennis, baseball or sport cap. People have gotten adjusted to me in this mantra for so long, they grew to accept me like that. I used to work in an office and I was always asked why I wear a scarf, yada yada yada. Told them I had an allergy to the dust in the air. Was laid off there and grew scared as to what job to get. Got on line to ask people what job, met woman who said she does cleaning. Beside from the point that she was in England, I took her advice and started my own cleaning service in NYC. If you don't have any qualms with cleaning or whatever profession, do it. It gave me free time, I was making money & didn't have to dress up or conform with any job attire. Been doing it for nearly a decade and feel good that I control my own money and destiny and don't have to work with anyone whispering and gossipping. My son works with me but he knows about my alopecia, the customers don't care and I'm content. Get back to me as to what other type of job you may be interested in that is freelance. I even was a freelance writer and that was comfortable to me also.

I recently returned to work after caring for my elderly parents and relocating back to the area where I grew up. Since my hairloss accelerated a year ago, it's my first time working without hair. It's interesting that everyone I work with only knows me as bald. Oddly enough, people don't seem to realize that I have no eyebrows. I suppose that's because I wear glasses and have prominent brow ridges. I still have some patches of peach fuzz on my head and occasional spotty regrowth, but I'm only shaving my head once a week now and my face two or three times a week--whenever whiskers appear obvious. Many Alopecians have a distintively smooth look, but I think I just look like a bald guy. I'm working an entry-level job in the tourism industry with most of my coworkers much younger (but a lot of gays and lesbians and even another Alopecian in another department). I think my hairlessness is camouflaged a bit by my missing leg and obvious pegleg prosthesis.

I actually find it refreshing working with people who only know me as bald after that initial first year of endless explaining to family and friends.

Hi Luc,

At work, I asked the human resources dept if it would be alright to wear professional-looking hats or head scarves to work, and they said that would be fine.  At work, I haven't encountered any problems since liberating myself from a hairpiece and replacing it with head scarves.  Occasionally, people ask how many colors I have, whether I have cancer, or whether I wear these coverings because my head is cold, but no threats or hostility.  Maybe I'm just lucky to work in an environment where people are kind and considerate.



You are LUCKY Brandy.  Most people aren't so kind, considerated, or "evolved."



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