I am curious ...any of you who have experienced dramatic hair regrowth ... did you have alopecia Universalis?

I have had AU for ten years
But my entire life, I have exercised and eaten healthily. There have been times when I have been gluten free,grain free, vegan , etc I try different regimes. I mostly still eat gluten free. I am still AU.

I would like to hear from those with AU who have had regrowth


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My 4 year old son has had AU for a year. In February of this year we started a gluten free diet. Immediately we started to see sprouts of regrowth. One patch started to grow faster than the others on the back of his head. He looked like a Hari Krishna :). As I mom I was so excited since he started a new class at school with children that didn't know him. Unfortunately, as fast as it started sprouting it fell out. As far as I know he has had gluten 3 times this year on mistake. I could tell immediately he threw up in the night and started acting restless and hyper. I don't know if it was because of the gluten or not but I deduct that is has to be.

I wish you all the best and although you are beautiful I understand that you would like regrowth. I hope there can be some advancement in the medical field on this. We have run through so many things to try to get my son's hair back and nothing has really worked. We took our other son to the barber and my AU son asked the barber to put hair back on his head. Oh, that really hurt.

I hope you get some good stories of regrowth on here.


Yes, I had AA for my whole life and AU for the past 3 years. Now I have almost all my body and all my head hair back. I am gluten free, mostly  lactose free, I try to eat paleo, I don't smoke, and exercise 3-4 times a week- that helps me stay stress free. I think my regrowth happened because of diet and more relaxing life stile. I eat gluten free- with no exceptions. I can send you the title of a book I read about autoimmune disorders, that helped me get my hair back- it talks about gluten, stress, ... 

Best wishes,


Thanks, sure, I would love title.  I have been exercising daily, meditating, living my life and eatin extremely healthy my adult life so 30 years almost. I have been gluten free and it didn't help. I have  help. I recently had endoscopy,  celiac biopsies,  colonoscopy snd gi follow through. I have no inflammation or signs of gluten intolerance.  I have been Au for 14 years.  I did a raw food diet a couple years ago. I found it expensive and hard to maintain with two kids.  I didn't experience any hair regrowth. 

How long were you on gluten free before you saw hair and is it possible you have celiac and the alopecia is a symptom?  I will try it again. But, am skeptical.  For me, I mean. My theory is that some alopecia related to gluten and some is not. I am curious how long beforecyou saw results and uf you tested for celiac. Thx so much!

hey girl, what is the name of the book? i would love to read it. I'm on a gluten free diet now and thinking about going dairy free. I'll be taking the ALCAT food allergy test soon as well

Yes please I would love the title too xx

Well, due to my son's recent diagnosis of a rare disorder snd multiple food allergies , including wheat, we have been completely gluten free for several months!   And I am stillmbsld. Will tell you all if anything changes!



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