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Hi. I'm new to this site and have been watching my hair fall from my head for entering fifth month. I have a synthetic wig that I am unable to tolerate. It feels fake. Tangles in back. Guess its too long for me. I'm not adjusting well at all. This is my worst fear coming true. Any suggestions on wearing wigs? I am having hard time looking in mirror. Do not want people I know to see me..I am plagued with fear, anger, shame. This is a huge challenge. Any experience with wigs? Least its winter now. I also have embarrassing scars which I'm mortified to show.
Hello sweetheart. Wigs have always been a struggle for me too I change my mind to many times. When I was little I never wore them because they were annoying and itchy It was. very uncomfortable. It takes time until you find THAT wig the one that complements you and is the right length and you can handle it. Personally I have a short one that's like a pixie cut and I wear it during the summer then I have an orange shoulder length built in bangs one that I just put on, I don't have to fuss with it because it's made in one style. It's so difficult finding one that you can wear but you'll always have that though in your head that " this is a wig " and it's okay I would go to your friends and talk to them about it. This is a condition that is unreliable you never know if your hair is gonna grow or fall. But without Your friends and family and having them as a support system it's going to be difficult. This is nothing to be ashamed of you have lost a tiny tiny peace of you but you are still your beautiful self. Don't let this break you or make you hide
Hi McKenzie, if I may ask how many wigs do you have? I find I'm still very depressed at having to wear one. I am concerned about summer. I find the feel of synthetic hair on my skin awful along with the cap and wig. Ugh. What an adjustment. Wish I could just put on and feel beautiful. I know there are way worse things out there. So far I have one wig. It was also costly. I've been steered away from the human hair wigs. Any input?? Thank you!!
I have 5 wigs right now but several different ones growing up. I've had one real hair wig and it didn't work out it doesn't last as long and was tough to keep healthy looking. I get a lot of cosplay wigs off the Internet because they are made in one style and they are fun. But I have 1 wig that is not real and was about $200 that has lasted for years. You don't need to worry about price if you find a wig online or at a store that looks and feels comfortable I'd get it and get a soft cotton wig cap so it isn't at itchy (:
Great idea on cotton cap. What do you mean you have one that isn't "real" do you mean synthetic? What are the cosplay wigs? I'm really struggling with this. I just looked. They are "costume" I suppose. Would not be appropriate for me.

Yes fake hair it lasts longer if you take care of it. Also they are costume wigs but you can make them into anythything you want. On my profile you can see an orange one and its currently my favorite.

Yes, looks cute on you.
Really it's a process and you will go through a ton of wigs until your comfortable with yourself and once you've accomplished that, you will be happy again
Oh I hope so. I have one wig..another that needs bangs cut. Need to get more. Shall I buy from internet? Need to make sure they are returnable.



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