hey there

i'm looking for movies that somehow deal with hairloss

--> Happythankyoumoreplease e.g. is a nice movie AND one of the main charakters has alopecia

are there any other movies that somehow deal with hairloss???

or do you know other movies that deal with similar problems???

e.g. there is going to be a documentation about tall girls
for me there are a lot of parrallels in how theese girls think and feel about beeing tall to girls that have to deal with hairloss

also i saw the movie soulsurfer (but that's a very different category) still it is a movie that show's you how important it is not to give up, when sth you can not control changes the way you are, and to still be yourself...

so... i'm looking for movies with good messages
or movies that directly deal with hairloss ( i do now about baby let your hair hang down, but i never got a chance to watch it )

maybe you do know some other movies?

if not and in case you don't know it yet: i definetly do recommend happythankyoumoreplease ;)


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Hello, Rici!

There is a German movie dealing with a teenage girl's alopecia, BIN ICH SEXY? (which translates as "Am I Sexy?").
It is well worth watching (and seems to be exactly what you are looking for), but I don't think there is an English-language dub or even a subtitled version.

All my best,

Dont know of one movie dealing with hair loss. Will check IMDB any and every movie ever made is there.

Go to IMDB type in hair loss into the search and you get lots of hair loos things not all movies but a lot of TV shows EC.Hope this helps.

Movie therapy

Started this discussion. Last reply by Tallgirl Oct 17, 2011.

See my past discussion for all the great input on this site. And yes, I am a...TALL GIRL!!!!

I also recommend "happythankyoumoreplease"! The main character in it was the writer as well, and his friend in real life has Alopecia.

I recently watched "Young Adult". The main character, played by Charlize Theron, has Trichotillomania. At one point, she wears some sort of topper. It shows her pulling out her hair when she is stressed.

Another movie might be "The Sister's Keeper". It is a sad movie. However, there are a few scenes where the girl has to deal with her hair loss. I don't want to give away any of the movie, but one scene in particular really hit home with me. I don't know how I missed this group... I am a Movie Fanatic!

The movie "Grey Garden" staring Drew Barrymore. Her character is the cousin of Jackie Kennedy and she has Aloepecia.It's based on a true story.

try 50/50 a cancer movie its inspiring :)



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