Sensitive scalp solutions for sweat, rashes and itchiness?


Sensitive scalp solutions for sweat, rashes and itchiness?

I’m having trouble wearing wigs long term without being sensitive to the material most pieces are made out of. I’ve worn under garments but they slide and have tried sewing in other lining but they don’t seem to hold up.

Can anyone recommend lotions, sprays, deodorants etc than can help with scalp itch, redness, and sweat? Specifically for an active person in a humid environment?

Thank you in advance!

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Sensitive scalp

Started by Carmen West. Last reply by Cheryl, Co-founder Jun 26, 2022. 1 Reply

I have found that the Proluxe shampoo and conditioner works perfectly for sensitive scalp.Sweat and build up of dead skin cells can cause rashes and itchiness.Be sure to shampoo your scalp to cleanse…Continue

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Comment by Sam Sam on July 17, 2015 at 9:09pm

Sweating was a big issue for me and irritation. I needed something that would absorbed the sweat (like a sports player lol) What worked for me and still works for the summer is wearing a spandex dome cap under my wig. This was perfect and i can never recall a time sweat or irritation was a problem after. For lace wigs. I hand sewn elastic ear to ear (search youtube for it or inbox me).  I have a whole lace wig and I hate the process of glue, I hate the process of keeping it on. THIS was a miracle stays on tight and i still get the benefits of a lace wig. If I need extra security I just dab the sides by the ear with glue . I take it off every night  no glue needed IMG_2870.JPG

Comment by Victoria on September 19, 2014 at 10:49am
Hi, I use a cotton, or mostly cotton, headband, in a nude color, under my wig. It gives my skin relief and makes my wig fit snug so that I can wear it without tape or glue. I have been wanting to make a cotton, nude color cap for my head to wear under my wig, but haven't gotten around to it. I know that some Muslim women with or without hair, wear such a cap under their headscarves. They probably know about this issue, since they to wear something hot and maybe bothersome most of the time. So the caps are probably available commercially somewhere.
Comment by chris for hair on November 21, 2013 at 3:26pm

The only real answer to this question is to stop trying to wear the wig 24/7 and stop using glues and tapes. Every body is different and recommending any product that may help one person will not insure that it will work for another.

Comment by Sharon on March 24, 2013 at 12:46pm
For those who struggle with lace wigs because of glue or tape, you are not alone. I did a program with lace wigs all last year and had problems finding a glue or tape I could tolerate. It was mostly in the back, and I used 'no sweat' sprays before applying the wig. At the end I was going crazy after 5 days. I live in Texas so sweating is non negotiable. I have no problem in the front or temples but all across the back. I would put melaleuca oil on which acted as an antiseptic but the back was uncomfortable after a few days. The answer is to change the wig out more often, however that breaks down these delicate lace wigs causing the need to replace more often. In the end I was spending a fortune on wigs.

The other problem is that I was putting a toxic glue on my scalp allowing those chemicals to absorb into my system. Ironically I switched my cleaning products to melaleuca to get chemicals out of my house to improve my allergies and I was smearing chemicals on my head. I finally went back to a poly/lace unit that did not need glue in the back. I have now ordered a freedom wig to avoid the tape I need in the front and sides. I will let you know how that works.
Comment by christy murphy on March 24, 2013 at 12:18pm

I have the same problem with wearing wigs for a long period of time. After working for 8 hours, I just wanna rip my wig off. My scalp actually hurts, and itches like crazy!!!! I wear a hair net under my wig, but that doesn't help at all!

Comment by Sharon on February 10, 2013 at 4:36pm
I too get very itchy and have even had some very bad rashes, particularly in the back of my head. I have worn a full lace wig for about 10 months and I used glues most of the time. I sleep on my back and I think the glue reacts with sweat creating a lot of bacteria.

I have recently gone back to wearing a toumaline wig which I can take off at night. I use a bit of tape at the front that can itch a little and the poly perimeter really can cause itching as I sweat.

I have tried all the products the wig companies offer, like no sweat, and scalp prep, but the itching persists. I have been quite desperate to figure something out. I am a rep for a natural cleaning products company and they sell a product called Melaleuca oil that they claim has antibacterial properties. I have used it for cuts and other minor things but out of desperation on day I put some on my scalp before reattaching my wig. It is an oil so I had to let it soak in and dry and then I reattached my hair. It helped more than anything else I tried. I really am allergic to most of the tapes and all the glues, however, so I am going to order a freedom wig, mostly because I am scared of what the chemicals do to me when I get all red and rashly.

Now what I am doing until I get my freedom wig is, I wear my wig as a daily wearer, put the mela oil on each morning and have also started putting a bit of their natural antiperspirant on the top of my scalp. The itching, although not always completely gone is much better.

I apologize if it seems like I am pushing a product from a company I rep for, but wanted to pass on what worked for me. You could try tea tree oil from health food store, but only melaleuca makes it this concentrated.
Comment by gerald on January 11, 2013 at 6:50pm

My beautifully bald alopecian wife usually wears headscarves instead of wigs, and the headscarves look great on her, and she has many beautiful feminine ways of wearing them. The headscarves are easier on her scalp than wigs.

Comment by Sarah Bitar on January 5, 2013 at 5:19pm

I would recommend Body Blends- Spa Creations Body Lotion. I use it all the time, and its great! Its really sheer and has a light feeling to it, while soothing your skin. It's sold online. here's the link

Comment by Beth on January 4, 2013 at 11:25am
Thanks Wisel, yes I would be interested in trying it out if you can send me the name of this magic potion :)
Comment by Beth on January 4, 2013 at 11:01am
Thanks for the responses, I tried to make appointments dermatologist that specialize in diseases of the hair and scalp but they charge an $850 consultation fee and do not take insurance. Good times. It could be because I'm in NYC. Does anyone go to a dermatologist that recommends a type of treatment? I'd rather spend the money experimenting with different over the counter remedies. Will report back if I find something that works on me!

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