Hi beautiful ladies! I’ve FINALLY done it!

Since August, gradually I started going out in public without a wig/hat. I found that it was easy to do this when going to a place where I knew no one i.e. mall, etc. But I was still struggling to reveal ‘the look’ to people I know, so I still continued wearing a wig to work and church.

On Sunday the 7th October, I woke up with that feeling of ‘this is the day’. So I did it, that day I rocked up at church wearing my beautiful bald head:). When I got to church, I still couldn’t believe I was actually doing it as my hosting/ushering team was on duty that day; I was allocated to do the meet and greet at the door; talk about being thrown in the deep end! I was surprised at the number of compliments I received, people would come to me just to say how brave I was, and how they wish they could also have courage to do the same. Needless to say that this left me walking on water:).

Yet, I still didn’t have a nerve to come to work without a wig on; until today! This morning I found myself thinking, ‘it’s today or never’. So I picked out a nice outfit to boost my confidence:) , and now there is no turning back! I told my colleagues about being an alopecian and they have been nothing but supportive. I am so grateful and I can’t even describe how liberated I feel; now I can relate to Ms E. and other sisters who have gone bald. I know that I am still going to get the looks, stares and stupid questions, but I’m slowly getting a grip of the fact that my beauty comes from within.

I just had to share this with you as I probably wouldn’t have taken this step without the courageous and inspiring stories from my Alopecian sisters.

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Congrats to you !!!! You are a Beautiful Bold Bald Women!! http://beautifulboldbaldwomen.weebly.com/ !

This is beautiful Themba! Congratulations!!!

Great story Themba! Happy bare head journey! :)

Thanks so much beautiful women. I can't wait to see what the bare head journey brings :).

Hey BrendaW, I will be lying if I say it's easy, but you can do it! It also helps to have supportive people, I would have found it hard to do it without them. My sister and a good friend at church are one of the people who affirmed me before the world saw the new look. What I did was also to send my pic to some of my far-away friends,they response boosted my confidence as they all said how good I looked. They also reminded me that my beauty comes from the inside and any person who doesn't see that don't deserve to be part of my life. So take courage, once you do it the first time, it gets better. I will be praying for you. xxx

Congrats Themba, You did it! I remember my first time going shopping, church and work. So glad I did it and most of all so glad I've learned that I am beautiful inside and out!

Thanks Angela! Amen to that,that's one of the things I have learnt, that I am beautiful inside out. Also that I am unique and special coz I am wonderfully and beautifully made.

Congratulations Themba on walking down the hallway of "liberation and freedom".

I hope your journey inspire others to take that walk.

All the best.

Thank you so much! You are so right about this step being liberating; it may seem small to another person, but to an alopecian it's a major step. I can't begin to explain how liberated I feel, it's like I am a new person and in a away I think I am.

I LOVE it!! :D

Oh Themba I am soooo excited for you!!!!
Welcome to the water sister! :D
Isn't it liberating?

Speaking of church, tomorrow I may be attending a "homecoming" at the church I
grew up in. I'd be lying if I said I'm not hesitant about going-- and going bare-headed.

The way I'm feeling right now, facing the given awkwardness of being in my "past life" not knowing who and what emotions may come up; I just don't want to be "bothered" by the additional
awkwardness of attention to the head thing. I really don't perceive those there to be very
"progressive" or open-minded.

Thanks Ms. E! You are one of the people who has helped me come this far! Weird since you are thousands miles away:); but it's true. Your stories have been nothing but inspiring!

I hope church went off without any dramas. You are a strong person and you have proved it to the world and mostly to yourself that you are more than your hair. Whenever you feel scared look back at how far you have come and I hope you will find courage in that xxx.



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