I guess you could say I've got a wild hair (you know where)! :D

I've been ranting and raving since I received the following e-mail earlier this evening:

"Here's a question for you -- did you really cut off all of your hair? Is it a make-up trick or something for Alopecia Month? I have been intending to e-mail you about that blog picture"

I posted it on my facebook page too; and the few comments so far have been very supportive. My issue with it isn't about being hurt (the person actually complimented me), but does anyone else find the same annoyance and stupidity I find in it?

Perhaps I could be over-reacting; and should just take my tired behind to bed.
I'll check back in the morning and see what my heart and brain, and sistahs have to say then. :D

G'nite Ladies.

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Tircks are for kids! :D
I'm just now seeing this. :)

:D !!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for standing on the soapbox with me and helping me to rant Brenda! :D
That's my point exactly!!!
I don't mind ignorance but stupidity is a different story, and I don't even like the world. :)

Yes, some don't know what to say. But know in your heart, what's for real.

I just re-read my last statement and it was SUPPOSE to say "and I don't even like the WORD" (referring to "stupid" ) (:

Hey beautiful ladies. I don't know which is better, silly questions or stares:) . I've just done my first international trip after shaving my head. I've been in Malaysia for the past week. I love my bald and beautiful look, but it sure does require thick skin. I was getting stares every other turn, if they could kill, i would be a goner:). But I tried to keep my head and shoulders high and smiled - it was hard at times though.

I commend any woman who has the balls to go outdoors bald....I am new here, I've had Alopecia since I was 9 years old, my parents did not know how to cope with it, my school mates teased me, and I became very withdrawn and to my self.

Now as an older woman at the age of 28, I still have yet to reach a point where I feel comfortable enough to go outside without wearing a wig.

I'm not sure if this is a stupid question...but how did you get the courage to do so? I can remember once or twice in my life where I considered going outside bald...but my fear of ridicule ceased the thought.

Hi Ms.DanaPatrice,

I see you wrote this over a month ago and no one's replied.
I don't make it here often, otherwise I would have.

Basically for me it was a progression which came to a point where I just HAD to do it!
The trigger point for me was actually February of last year when I saw a young woman named Sonya Renee Taylor share her story on A PBS Black History Month Special.
I talk about it in my blog:

I also had the opportunity to interview Sonya Renee,the creator of this group and a couple of others during National Alopecia Month in September.
Here's the link if you'd like to listen to it. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hearttalkwithmse/2012/09/29/alopecia-a...

I just glanced at a couple of your photos and you look absolutely ADORABLE! :D
It helps when you're able to see/know others who have been able to take that step.
It's an adjustment, and it is also sooo FREEING, I think most of us have probably thought if not said "what took me so long?"!



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