Ok, everyone. I will be moving back home to Houston in Feb or March and want to get a group together to meet and hang out and just give each other support. I think that it would be a huge help to me to be around others with this disease. I will be living in Spring, but maybe we could all work out some kind of schedule to meet once a month, more if the schedules permit.

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i'm new to alopecia world but not new to alopecia! i've had alopecia since i was young, i live in houston, are you still interested in creating a group? i'm VERY interested, so let me know! :)))
My wife has alopecia. Is there some way that we can maybe talk to or meet up with members in Houston or simply a one on one conversation with someone else with the disease for support. It's killing me that I can't comfort her in a way that is effective.

My email address is cop2comic@aol.com.

Thanks in advance.
Jenn - did you ever get an outing together? I'm in Houston too, and lucky me, just diagnosed with AA...would be interested in hearing more about this. Cheers!
quick question ... Where do you guys go in houston for treatment? I am having a hard time finding a "specialist" that is up to date on all the research, treatment options , etc. Mine is over my ears on the right side of my noggin and is getting no longer concealable . Also do you know any stylist that are used to cutting hair for Men with alopecia ? Thanks in advance for your responses
Hi Chris - oddly enough, I wanted to post a similar question on a hair stylist that's worked with folks with AA before. I haven't had a haircut since I found out about my AA, and that was about 2 months ago. My hair is starting to look a little scruffy and could use some touching up. If anyone replies to you privately, would you mind updating the info here? I could use the same info. Best of luck.
Hey guys, if you haven't found someone yet, I've been going to the same guy in Houston since I was diagnosed 8 years ago. His name is Ernie Menchaca, and I'm so happy that I found him because he is a wonderful guy who has helped me so much when I was looking for some kind of solution for my hair. I highly recommend him! I know he does hair for both men and women too. Here is his website: http://www.texashairlosssolutions.com/about_ernie_menchaca.html If you do check him out tell him that Ellen Orchard sent you :)
Hi I live in Baytown.. please let me know if you guys ever got anything set up..I really need this..
Do you know if the support group was ever set up?.
Hi Jenn,

I'm in Houston, but allll the way on the other side, almost to Pearland. Nice to e-meet you. :)
I'm moving back to Houston in the spring as well and would love to get a group going to meet up with! Let me know if something gets organized!
Please let me know if there is a group.. And when does it meet?? I'm by hobby airport..

Hello everyone!!! I'm moving to Houston from New York in about 3 weeks. Have they ever gotten a group yet would love to meet up with everyone.

Looking forward to hearing back from anyone.



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