Hi fellow mamas, 

I am so worn out with this whole Alopecia ordeal. I have been bald and wearing a wig for the last two years. I wore a shorter cut (Codi, Rene of Paris) for a year, then a few months ago bought a new, Long wig (Shilo, Noriko). I truly missed my naturally long hair, and getting to pull it back into a braid or low bun. Now I'm struggling with a long wig. It's definitely a look and feel that I enjoy. BUT being a mom of little ones (1-2.5-4.5y) I am holding them a lot, snuggling them, wearing the baby in a backpack, swimming, walking in the woods... Even just cooking is probably hard on the hair. It's so much more work to keep my wig in good condition. The ends are already getting snarly, catching on things, and frizzy. Anyone else have this experience? Tips on longer hair wigs? 

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hi! this is what im worrying about having long wigs with a baby starting to grab things. bought hair extrntion for my short wig cause its getting frizzy already cause i reuse the old one i had when my hair fall last 2012. but yeah even i love the feeling of having a long hair like what i had before on my natural hair i decided not to use the extention and just stuck to my frizzy end human hair wig. no budget for replacement yet.

thanks for your post cause now i decided if ever ill get a new one ill make sure its not long.

aorry can't advise about it

Hi! Sorry I didn't see your reply until now, @luv. I had problems with my short Codi wig getting tugged on by my toddler throwing a tantrum, and still had to take it off all the time when baking or doing off-limits activities so that the fibers wouldn't singe. Alas, I'm on my 3rd wig in 2 years because they just get worn out and frizzy looking. My long one I think will need to be cut, because it just looks so unnatural.

I love the Madelyn, that's my "nice" hair right now! And, I'm wearing my Shilo around the house and for adventures.



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