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Side of autoimmune disease with that steak?

I was successfully on Day 21 of my Thirty-Day Protocol from Dr. Amy Myers' best selling book, The Autoimmune Solution, when I faced dinner plans with a large group of friends for a bachelorette party. A limo was involved and we were heading out of our South Bay bubble and eating out in Santa Monica, California instead.

When I initially agreed to come out to celebrate, I hadn't even heard of Dr. Myers so I had no idea that I would be doing this healing experiment. But here I…


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If pizza were a man, would you date him?

No matter how dire the circumstances may be, it’s not always easy doing what’s right for you. Ten years ago, I woke up with an autoimmune disease called Alopecia Universalis. A crescent-shaped bald spot appeared behind each of my ears literally over night. Within a year, I lost every hair on my entire body and it’s been pretty much gone ever since.

I've also been searching for a cure ever since. I've gone to several doctors, tried homeopathy, and experimented with my diet. The only…


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Bald Bride: My Alopecia Story, Part 4

While I continued to go about my stressful life as usual including breaking up with Jonathan (more on that in the book), I met Aaron* shortly after the New Year.  During our lunch hour, I happened to sit across from him in the courtyard at WMA.  We ended up chatting about surfing, yoga, and self-reflection of all things.  He told me that he believed in working on oneself and growing as a person.  I remember noting that I liked the way Aaron thought.  It also didn’t hurt that he was lean from…


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Bald Bride: My Alopecia Story, Part 3

So a friend suggested I see her dermatologist located in Santa Monica. Dr. Greene* was a pretty woman with dark, shoulder-length hair and a somber tone about her. Or maybe there was just something somber about telling someone they had alopecia areata?

Yes, Dr. Greene was the person who told me I had alopecia areata. I had never heard of alopecia in my life. But I quickly learned that it was an autoimmune disease that effected 2% of the entire world population.

Dr. Greene asked…


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Rosanna's LOVE U Formula

I just wanted to share my recent appearance on the news on KMIR6 in Palm Springs. I hope my LOVE U formula is helpful! It definitely helped me and my coaching clients.

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The Bald Bride: My Alopecia Story - Part 2

I went to work that fateful morning in a daze. My mind just repeated itself over and over again. “What is going on?” I had no idea where my hair had gone or why it fell out so quickly.

I didn’t see any excessive clumps of hair on my pillow. Didn’t notice any unusual large amounts in the drain after my shower. Although I did note that I had noticed more hair than usual in the drain for the last few months. But with as much hair as I had, I didn’t think anything of it until…


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My alopecia story - Part 1

I moved to LA with big dreams and a lot of what I felt at the time was confidence. I was going to be a big screenwriter in Hollywood. I had everything it took to make it. I’m smart. Creative. A hard worker. And it didn’t hurt that I was attractive. I thought I knew that true beauty is found within; however, I really believed that the hotter you look on the outside, the easier it is to get what you want. Especially from men and Hollywood is filled with men. So I moved to LA feeling like the…


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