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I haven't posted anything other then responding to posts in a while.  A wonderful moment today has prompted this post.  A reminder...51 years developed Alopecia Universalis 3 years ago.  Last June I I went shopping for some make-up tips for my non-existant eye brows and eye lashes. I ended up at my local Shoppers Drug Mart (a chain here in Ontario).  3 cosmeticians spent several hours trying out different pencil/colours, etc.  The experience was nothing but positive.  I've been to this drug store numerous times since.  Today like any other day I was at this drug store.  One of the cosmeticians happened to mention a gala that they in the store last summer, in my honour.  They invited women with alopecia to the store with make-up artists from every make-up company doing make overs, providing tips etc. They knew nothing of alopecia before they met me. They had been educated about hair loss in  Cancer patients....Alopecia was new. At that time they didn't have my contact information.  They were able to attract a few women but had no idea how to connect with woman with Alopecia.  So today they chose to share all of this with me.  They are planning another Gala sometime this July.  So for anyone living in Toronto/Mississauga this is a wonderful opportunity.  I will pass on the date when it is confirmed.  I will be there.

I cannot tell you how humbled I was hearing all of this.  

Today was a good day ;)

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Comment by Molly Vazquez on April 14, 2014 at 11:25am
  • Hey Michelle :) When I was 12 with Alopecia and my mom allowed me to become homeschooled I devoted my life and teenage years to figure this disease out so that when I got my hair back (and I did) than I could share it with everyone who feels exactly like I felt.

  • Heres my latest video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH6mswXklVs


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