The last few nights I've been having vivid dreams in which my hair (slowly disappearing) takes some dramatic way of falling out. Each time it's different, but each time it's horrible. It has been bumming me out, so I decided to be prepared. I went to Ebay last night and bought (actually, bid on auctions in their last seconds) two short dark, brown wigs, not unlike my current hair cut. They were REALLY cheap ($20 each delivered to my doorstep). I really have no intention of wearing them, but I feel "safer" knowing they are on their way. I realize this is the work of a madwoman, but there you have it. I at least have something to cover my head with as I go out to find a real wig.

Tomorrow is the day the newspaper is delivered to every household in the county. In my column in the Pinnacle Newspaper I wrote about my alopecia. At the time I thought it was a good idea, but now I see that, once again, it was the work of a madwoman. Why did I tell everyone, all at once?

I live in a small community where everyone knows everyone else, and everyone else's business. You never flip off anyone while driving because they'll be standing behind you in the grocerty store line and be the first cousin of your boss! So I am bound to have a barrage of sideways glances and questions. I suppose it is better to be a 3 Day Wonder than have the news make its way across the gossip network over time.

I believe I aill carry one of these wigs with me. Then when someone asks me something totally inappropriate or inane I can whip it out and beat them about the head and shoulders. They'll stop talking about my hair and start questioning my sanity.

She's a madwoman, isn't she?

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