I am new to this site and so far have found it very useful. I used to have beautiful curly thick hair that was my signature, and it didn't matter if I was going through my skinny or my fat phase cause it was my hair that everyone commented on. I started losing it Sept of 2009 and my Dr gave me a topical steroid with the attitude that it would grow back. Well it got worse and worse...my Sister bless her for her persistance actually diagnosed me with Alepecia and made the Dr refer me a dermatologist...well the earliest apt available was gonna be 6 monthes down the road. I had to wait patiently for the apt...meanwhile my hair was falling out in clumps in the shower..I did not want anyone to touch it or brush it for fear of losing more. I started wearing hats and scarves to cover up the patches but I was fortunate to have curly hair so it wasn't that noticable. The dermatologist started me on injections which I tolerated and also rogain but nothing. She sent me to a hair specialist inToronto...who has been amazing and also I was tested for thyroid and adreanal gland problems...nothing so far. I would wake up in the morning an look at myself in the mirror and cry cause it was such an ugly picture. I made the decision one Snowy day in January to have my head shaved...my best friend is a hair dresser and she has been amazing through all of this. That was a year ago January...and it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I gave away all my hair products to my Nieces but continue to shampoo my head everyday...it helps me feel better. I have lost all my hair from head to toe.
I am continuing the injections in my brows (ouch) and have had some re-growth but stopped them in my head.
I am now doing the Anthralin treatment and the Dr sees some growth but we will see. Also rogaine twice a day.
I have wigs but am very self conscious because I was out one night and someone accidently pulled off my wig while we were dancing...not a good scene. LOL Scarves and hats are what I feel comfortable in although some days I am ready to burn them!!! I just want my hair back. I miss my eyelashes the most...oh to just put a touch of mascara on...not asking for much am I?? I am also seeing a Naturalpath...off gluten but no change have been doing that since January. Now she wants me off dairy and eggs...don't think she realizes what she is asking of me...I can barely function as it is...I am just soo soo tired...

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Comment by Coleen on April 11, 2011 at 9:51pm
I hear ya, I had a full head of hair, nice and think and then in Nov. of 2007, my hairdresser found a small patch of hair gone in the back of my head. So off to the dr I went, saw a local derm, and tried injections and rogaine, but just kept coming out, so she suggested a derm. in Chicago, well by the end of January I had no hair anywhere on body, and yes I miss my eyelashes and eyebrows. I did most treatments and all the test, and the test come back saying I am a very healthy person and all the treatments left me with nasty side effects and no hair growth, so I dediced to stop treatments and going to the dr. It has now been 3 years since I have had hair, I have my bad days, and wonder why me and what did I do to deserve this. But overall my true friends have stuck by me and my family loves me just as much as they did when I had hair. I guess I look it in the terms of God doesn't give you anything you can't handle.
Comment by CATHERINE on April 12, 2011 at 9:39am
I have had thyroid and adrenal glands tested by specialists...they were not concerned and said they were ok but will probably have thyroid problems in the future.
Comment by CATHERINE on April 12, 2011 at 12:33pm
k thanks for the info...will do that for sure...they last tested me for that on March 4th and everything seemed ok then.
Comment by C on April 13, 2011 at 12:39pm
I've been suffering with Alopecia for over 20 years. I had my thyroid checked last year and was told it was working fine. I'm not completely bald but I believe if I didnt keep my hair in braids I would be. Whenever my natural hair is left out, no matter how clean, it itches like crazy non stop usually in the same spots. Eventually hair is dropping from my head....more in my comb.....all over my pillow and clothes....
I went through the phase of dealing with weight issues and self esteem because I too hid behind my hair..MY HAIR, not wigs and weaves. I hardly see my own hair anymore except when its time to do it over. I take out the braids and have new growth and a head full of thick hair...with some lenght too. I decide to leave it out, and soon you can see my scalp. I think very highly of anyone (especially women) who go clean head because I'm the biggest cluck cluck you ever saw. Had my hair (against my wishes of course) cut short when I was 16 and cried like a baby for a month......refused to ever let anyone near my head with a pair of scissors again.


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