An anecdote from when I was a kid...the time my hat fell off!!

I was 16 - I had a full head of hair for the first time since I was 3. I started taking birth control pills, which totally set my hair progress back to zero - if you're a girl in her teens with alopecia, just don't. I was completely bald again for the first time since I was a toddler. I decided to completely shave my head rather than look at the thinning gold curls that remained on my head every day.

After I shaved my head, I wore little beanies all the time to cover my head and keep it warm. I didn't start wearing wigs full time in public until I was a senior in high school - they were expensive and only to be worn at school.

I was at a birthday party wearing my signature purple furry beanie. I was messing around with some friends and did a dance move that was a little too aggressive for my little hat to handle...and it went flying off my head onto the floor! I'm not sure if anyone else noticed besides a girl who wore wigs to school the year before - she and I never had a conversation about it, though now I wish we did - but I quickly picked my hat up and plopped it right back on my head. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed and made eye contact with this girl who mouthed to me that it was totally okay. Her reassurance is probably all that kept me from freaking out and being embarrassed.

And the day went on and we continued having fun - I could have let my little wardrobe malfunction define my day and ruin the birthday of my friend, but instead, I chose to own it and keep on going like nothing had happened.

The point of this story - you NEVER know who you can help with a little reassurance...particularly if you've been there before. This girl whose name I cannot remember made an impact on my life, though it was a really small thing and I would be surprised if she even remembered. If you have a hair or hat misshap, don't think twice about it and keep on going like nothing ever happened...because, honestly, who cares :-) You are you and you rock the way you are!

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