Ascent For Alopecia: Indiana Mountain Climber sets twin goals!!

INDIANAPOLIS, IN. JULY 12, 2009: Indianapolis’ first Ascent For Alopecia campaign announces that two alopecia areata organizations, national nonprofit Bald Girls Do Lunch ( and the National Alopecia Areata Foundation ( are the fundraiser’s recipients. “There are two things I love most in life climbing and my girlfriend Dana. This is a great opportunity to incorporate both in one experience”-Alex Whitley. July 15, when Alex Whitley climbs Mt. Elbrus, Europe’s highest peak, both the summit and his girlfriend Dana Crook who has the autoimmune hair loss disease, alopecia areata, will be on his mind.

The primary awareness fundraising event will be held at Blu Lounge at 240 S. Meridian Street, Indianapolis on July 12 from 5pm-12am sponsored by Stolichnaya Vodka. The bar will be running a special on Stoli drinks with a proceed of all stoli sales going to Ascent For Alopecia. Spinning at the event will be DJ Deanne.

Dana Crook has been diagnosed with alopecia areata for 8 years. “It was devastating being a confident homecoming queen at 17, shortly after finding a scared hairless girl staring back at you in the mirror”-Dana Crook. Approximately 5 million Americans have a life-time risk for developing some form of the disease. Women especially have daily struggles to cope with the change to their self image brought about by the unpredictable condition. “Being with Dana has shed a light on the complications of this disorder. Hair has been made to be such an important part of life”-Alex Whitley.

Alex Whitley has traveled through 29 different countries and is passionate about climbing. He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and many other peaks through 12 countries of Africa. “I have been on many adventures and climbing expeditions around the world and would love to start incorporating alopecia organizations as my motivation”-Alex Whitley. His ultimate goal is to reach the highest point on each continent made possible by the gear donated from The Extreme Outfitters and support from ESPN Radio.

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