Hi everyone:

I've been having daily diffuse hair loss since Sept. 2014. Starting in Nov. 2014, I started losing eyelashes, brows and nose hairs all diffuse too. I've noticed that my hair comes back but others then fall out. I have hashimotos thyroid but my thyroid levels are normal because I am taking levothyroxine. I've been to several derms. They've all thought telogen effluvium but this past week, the derm told me she believes its diffuse alopecia areata. She didn't give me a biopsy bc she said it would be too hard to determine from the biopsy. I have a gap on my lower eyelashes on my right eye and she said that is classic areata. Although it grows back and falls out again and again. She did do the hair pull test which came up positive.

So my question is...do you grow hair simultaneously while you are shedding hair in diffuse alopecia areata?

How long does it take to lose all your hair with diffuse alopecia areata? I really haven't lost too much because I see new growth but my overall hair is so much thinner than it was months ago. I also don't see as much growth as I used to see in the beginning. It was a crazy shed in the first few months and now I have a bunch of 5 inch hairs.

I am very depressed over this bc I miss my old hair. I don't dare blow dry bc way too many hairs are lost. I just don't feel myself anymore. I working towards acceptance of this and meditation is now a part of my life. I also journal daily which helps a lot too.

Trying not to obsess about this bc I have 2 young children and I want to be more present with them instead of wondering how soon until I have no hair left. Total opposite of what meditation is teaching me, but I am trying super hard to accept this.

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Comment by Dominique Cleopatra on June 28, 2015 at 11:55am
Chances are that you will never lose all your hair. I get the feeling that people coming to this site believe total baldness with alopecia is an inevitability, instead of the statistical anomaly that it is.


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