Finding out I had Alopecia- 2000

I noticed I was losing more and more hair in June of 2000, at age 15. We had no idea what it was, I had read about Alopecia once in a magazine, but it sounded like a nightmare, I loved my hair. I relied on it really. And then it didn't stop coming out, clump after clump, it came from all over, no patches, and rapidly fell out. By July it was pretty Bad, August almost gone. Just so thin all over.
I think it was July when we got into see the Dermatoligist in a city a few hours away (winnipeg) and she right away said it was Alopecia. I felt sick. I felt heartbroken, dizzy, then they took 10 of those little viles of blood to check on things I guess and I almost passed out. I cried that day, a lot. I was in disbelief. Why me? what did I do? what would they think (a he inparticular). At that age, and a girl who had somewhat relied on looks for a while, it was shattering.
The next day , and most days after I don't recall crying at all, I was rather strong then, I tried to be positive. I had recently joined a youth group, a lot of my friends were in it, we still partied a bit, i know sounds contradictory but I found a strong faith still at that time. We had fun there and I felt more whole than I ever. I felt a peace and love and things I can't explain. And I gained a strong group of friends who cared for me and didn't care about my hair. And I quickly felt that it was just hair, that I was ok. I felt that other things in life were so beautiful that nothing could be wrong and I had nothing to complain about.
These feelings developed over a few months but they came and I was ok.
We are all so much stronger because of this. We know life goes on and we adjust :)

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Comment by Erin on April 29, 2009 at 12:04pm
Thanks :) haha and we are women, I think we are always worried about our looks haha, but yeah Iknow what you mean. It was tough but I suppose I adjusted quickly, where if I was older it might be harder in some ways. They both have ups and downs haha
Comment by Twila J on May 4, 2009 at 7:54am
Hi Erin,

I laughed reading your story. My hair is also thinning all over though it seems to be stabilizing a little bit right now. I have no idea what's going on as even my doctors can't come to a conclusion. Even though I have quite a bit of hair left it is really thin and ugly so I've been in wigs and bandanas. Hopefully if the rest goes or it never regrows, I'll handle it as gracefully as you have been doing!

Comment by Erin on May 4, 2009 at 9:44pm
aww thanks. i am sure you will as well!! good luck hun.


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