Herbal and natural treatment success stories?

I have had alopecia areata for about 6 years now and had lost most of the hair on my head, but am at the stage now where i have several patches of dark hair, several patches of white fuzzy hair and only a couple with no hair. This gives me hope but i want more progress and am determined to make this happen.
I am not interested in steroid injections anymore or chemical medications so I am starting to try different herbal and natural remedies.
I want to hear your success (or failure) stories. Tell me what remedies have helped you and what remedies did nothing.
Right now I am taking silica gel, using essential oils for shampoo and massage, drinking kombucha tea and a couple other things here and there.
I'm starting to get the feeling that applying things topically as well as taking things internally are part of the trick..thoughts?
Thank you! <3

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Comment by Stacy on June 12, 2014 at 11:22am

One thing Ive noticed about hair essentials on top of the super fast regrowth is that I dont seem to get as many colds as I used to and in general feel in better health. I started seeing results after about 3 weeks.. hair still fell out but would start growing back right away where as without the hair essentials I had some spots that had sat bald for more than a year. I don't use any other treatments of any kind, just a little extra Vitamin D for a deficiency which is apparently also pretty common. Have you ever had your Vitamin D levels checked?? Good luck with the hair essentials! I can't wait to hear the results!! :D

Comment by Sidney Prescott on June 12, 2014 at 8:04pm

that's interesting that it still kept falling out but kept growing in fast. 

i think i am going to try the hair essentials! alot of the ingredients in it are already ones that my herbalist has suggested i take, and i like how they sort of mix western, indian and chinese medicine to create this formula. 

also, the fact that i struggle with several other ailments physically (eczema, insomnia, low blood sugar and dizziness, fatigue) and i believe its all connected and the healthier i become the healthier my hair will (hopefully)  become! 

im going to order this tomomorrow when my pay cheque comes in. 

will give updates! thanks everyone for the support.

Comment by Stacy on June 12, 2014 at 8:45pm

well, I've been taking it for about 3 years now I think but I've lowered the dose from 3 pills a day to 2. My hair has mostly stopped falling out at this point and hasnt shown much loss for the past 5 months or so, just a teeny spot on my temple but that is small potatoes.. ;)  Just a tip, when you order Hair Essentials sign up for their newsletter and you will get sent discount codes. Also if you create an account and put the HE in your cart but close the page out without going through the payment process they will usually send you an email the next day offering you a discount if you complete your order (usually 10%).

Comment by Sidney Prescott on June 17, 2014 at 9:35pm

Hi, i have an update.

I have ordered hair essentials, (yesterday actually) and it should arrive tomorrow! I am really excited.

I have never truly stuck with a treatment, and I am putting all my good energy and thoughts into hoping this works. 

I have also made a hair and scalp oil out of neem oil, coconut oil and essential oils that can help promote growth and circulation. I massage it into my head everynight. I LOVE the smell of it. Neem can be very unpleasant on its own but i actually love the smell of it when its mixed with coconut oil. 

I will give updates on my progress as i start the hair essentials treatment!

And yes stacy, i got the promo hehee ;) thanks


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