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How to Have an Attractive Personality
By an eHow Contributor

Being attractive does not start with outer beauty as many people think. Approachable people often garner attention because of their attitude and demeanor, not their clothing or good looks. With an attractive personality, one can get positive attention from people regardless of physical attractiveness.

1. Exude confidence. By projecting a confident and self-assured attitude, you tell others that they deserve respectful treatment.

2. Walk with a sense of purpose and head held high. When people have a destination or goal always in mind, they show the world that they are motivated and have clear direction.

3. Maintain a positive attitude even through adversity. Choosing to have a positive attitude despite what troubles occur can be magnetic to others who may have more difficulty seeing the brighter side of things.

4. Smile easily. It is easier to approach someone and feel comfortable with his/her if he/she appears to be happy; negative attitudes turn people away.

5. Live up to your word. Sincerity leads to mutual trust, and when one is trusted, he/she often is a recipient of many positive relationships.

6. Maintain consistency in your attitude and behavior. Consistency is a sign of character, and character leads to respect and attention.

[For me, people who are constantly downers do not show themselves to be who I would lean on in an emergency, and they do not improve my own doubts. Likewise, part of being a parent, teacher or grandparent means shelving some internal strife in order to not make little ones afraid that one cannot take care of THEM and be there for THEIR dilemmas for many years. We lead by example. They watch and copy how we cope...alopecia or not. --TG]

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Comment by Tallgirl on September 3, 2014 at 11:18pm

Ahhh, but that's how shallow people or people who frequent clubs and bars ARE: they can't make it on personality, so they judge by outer shells only and try to Hollywoodize their own shells, as if that would be enough to cover up stupidity for years and years. Also, women in some cultures want a macho man only to impress girlfriends and female kin, not for the man himself. That "attractive shell" man may talk in negative attitude or be abusive. I would look at why those 30-40 year old women are still single, too. Picky, much? 


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