Anyone had any one of these incidents?? I am younger than my years, or was until my hair started falling out. That was 4/08. Maybe it was because I used to go to a club on Saturday baby fine hair did nothing, so I would always wear a cool blonde made me feel better about myself..until...maybe it was the alcohol too but women would "look" at me and I would see that they were talking about me, and then their friends would "look" made me feel self conscious. The time when some mean girls (drunk, no doubt) walked behind me and tugged on my "hair"...luckily it didn't come off, but they sure wanted it to. Then the rude boys (men)..alcohol, again played a part...they thought I was a dude (looks like a lady)and one even was looking to see if I had an adam's apple, and told me so !!!! I was mortified. It was something I remember to this day and shudder. Did they ever think maybe someone has a medical condition or hereditary condition, or was undergoing cancer treatment ?? Why were they so cruel ??? Or did they ever think that maybe I just had fine straight limp hair that did nothing, so I wanted to look better???? That hurt.

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Comment by Tallgirl on July 28, 2010 at 10:04pm
Maybe go to places with more classy, intelligent, polite and sober people?
Comment by Trixie on July 29, 2010 at 12:22am
I could not imaging going through that. I have been out and heard saw people talking and I couldn't help but think they were talking about my "hair". When I'm at a bar I'm there with friends that would never let anyone give me a hard time about "hair".
I did have an incident recently when I was on vacation. My good friend from high school my son and myself went to De Leon to swim. I took my wig off and walked around in my mohawk and some kids made some comment and as hard as it was for a moment I kept my head up and kept right on walking just like I didn't hear them and that was the only thing I heard all day. I probably could said something to those and told them I have a medical condition I could have told them I had cancer and I don't think it would have made a difference. I don't go out with out my hair or something on my head and the few times that I have I have found that the best way to handle anyone that is rude or just staring is to have confidence (even if you dont) and act like everything is fine.
Comment by Lexi on July 29, 2010 at 9:13am
To Tallgirl...unfortunately, it IS a classy club...Blue Martini in Tampa, they have a chain nationwide. I would expect a trashy club to bring in trashy cliente who didn't know how to act..but alcohol can make people behave in a way they might not normally. And being that I did have all ..all...of my hair then, just choosing to wear a wig to look like I had a nice head of hair, instead of what I did have...I would give anything to have ALL..ALL ...of my own hair back now..I pray every night it would grown back in and stop shedding...I will continue to pray and never give up hope. Thanks for your response.
Comment by Alliegator on July 29, 2010 at 9:37am
I'm sorry that happened to you. I think sometimes people don't mean to be cruel, but they are just ignorant. My Mom has to remind me that all the time. They don't think that you might have a condition or have cancer. One time I was walking to a parking garage at the airport. There were a guy and a girl walking ahead of me. The guy saw me out of the corner of his eye, turned and looked at me. He then proceeded to turn to the girl and whisper something. Then the girl turned and looked at me. I wanted to say "yes, it's a wig". Lol. But I have to tell myself, maybe they were talking about my outfit. Maybe they were talking about my body. Maybe they were saying they wish they had hair like me. I try to remind myself that there are ignorant people and maybe they weren't talking about my wig.
Comment by Lexi on July 29, 2010 at 10:20am
Thanks, Allie...I just had to throw that comment out there just because I guess that to this day, it still bothers/hurts me and I can still remember how I felt. I know WHO I am, and I guess I don't need to clarify that to strangers in the world. People just don't understand many things until they themselves or someone close is dealing with it..Have a wonderful day - smile (:
Comment by Alliegator on July 29, 2010 at 11:03pm
After I posted that comment, I had something happen to me!! We had one of our agents come into the office to drop something off. I was wearing a scarf, which I do like once a week to work. So he said to me "are you okay". Right then my supervisor, Kathy, walked up to us. He then said "are you sick". I didn't respond so he said "what's up with the bandana?" Kathy said "oh she didn't feel like doing her hair today". I just nodded. I actually wanted to tell him about Alopecia but I didn't get a chance. I get so tired of people thinking I have cancer because I'm wearing a wig or scarf. It is nice that some of them might be concerned but they don't think that there is anything else out there that causes hair loss. I hope I can raise awareness and maybe I won't get those questions anymore.
Comment by Lexi on July 30, 2010 at 9:30am
Unrelated to hair loss...side bar comment..guess it takes getting used to and ignoring people who are rude or ignorant..such as I was walking into a workplace downtown with co-worker who is a "little person" ..I was amazed at the looks coming from traffic driving by. He totally was oblivious to it, of course, having had to deal with it all his life...sometimes people don't mean to be that way, they just open mouth, insert foot...or stare and gawk..without thinking about what they are doing. And we move forward, right? Have a good weekend.
Comment by Alliegator on July 30, 2010 at 11:06am
It does! It might take me a while to get fully used to it. Right! And this is making me be more aware of my actions so I'm not the ignorant person. You too! TGIF! :)
Comment by Lexi on August 10, 2010 at 8:55am
thanks, Mike...I have given up clubs for some time now, although hard to meet anyone elsewhere..toooo easy to meet someone (anyone!) there, the wrong kind, and like you state, who needs them. I always used to look at the crowd thinking I really didn't belong there, the drugs/drunks scene..but I liked to get dressed up and that was the only place to get dressed up that I had,and I loved, did I say that loud enough..LOVED the music..but I never really met many quality people, just losers, and liars, even in what seems to be the nicest club in town, upscale and all of that. Just because I felt better about myself wearing "hair" as I called it, because mine was fine and straight, but I wasn't losing it then, but I have and had do nothing part of playing dress up was a wig..I got all kinds of confidence then, until the rude/mean people start in on my....And alcohol,drugs, etc, make people into something they maybe wouldn't be normally...I see life differently now, and I don't judge anyone or poke fun at anyone, or look at anyone strangely, because you just don't know there circumstance. We all have to life our lives the best we can for US, and try to be happy. Who cares what anyone else thinks or says? But yet it is hard to ignore unkindness. Thanks for reading my blog.
Comment by Christy Ingram on October 9, 2010 at 1:29pm
I have wondered if people were thinking/knowing I am wearing a wig...I have seen a few teen girl make comments/talk/point etc, it happened again just yesterday...If the "stars" can wear wigs why can't we??? It used to bother me quite a bit, I have looked online and I think with what everyone does to makes themselves look better, so what if alot of people "stars" or not wear wigs!


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