I had a wonderful visit from my eldest son, Trent this past weekend! Labor Day weekend. Trent was diagnosed with alopecia areata when he was 3 years old. His hair fell out completely when he was 8. He is now going on 24 years old! I have watched him deal with alopecia over the years. Of course, the beginning was the hardest. I made sure to become involved with NAAF as soon as I was aware of the foundation. Through alot of help from NAAF and our community we dealt with Trent's diagnosis the best we could. I made sure the community was aware of his diagnosis and why he had "no hair"! When I came across obstacles, for instance Middle school field trip to Washington DC...The teachers and principal would not allow him to take a ball cap with him to put on just in case he felt the need to. After a short conversation with the county superintendent the school changed their minds and allowed the ball cap. Trent was always so "full of anger'' towards me and the rest of the world around him. He rarely cried, if ever! Never "let it out"! He has grown into a fine young man, who is now helping others affected with alopecia in his area. He received a phone call from a teenager that loves to play baseball in his area. He met with the teenager and they had several conversations. Was so nice hearing Trent talk about this, and how he advised the other child with alopecia. They continue to converse and keep in touch with one another. He has accepted his condition as it is. He has remained bald for numerous years now, with facial hair. We have all accepted and learned to deal with alopecia in our lives. I love Trent more than words can say...i miss him and think of him every second of every day. Wish he didnt live so far away!! His brother, Nate and I are 300 miles from him. Maybe one day he will move this way. God will see us through. I love you Trent today and always!!

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