For the last 30 years I've pretty much felt uncomfortable and an outcast because of losing all my hair since I was 8. I never had anyone to talk to who I could relate to and as a result was bullied a lot and lost all my self confidence. Lately I've begun to feel like I don't care as much anymore what people thing and I've decided to start having fun with it. I've bought 3 different wigs 2 brown 1 long 1 shoulder lent and a long blond one. I won't lie I'm nervous about wearing them because my real hair wig is lovely although nearing it's end. My new wigs are synthetic but will give me more freedom and time. It would be nice to get to know other people with alopecia, just to have someone who truly understand and for extra support. I'm lucky that I have a very supportive fiancé and some great friends

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Comment by helen30 on July 19, 2015 at 8:24am

I know the feeling because I am so  glad I found alopecia world. It like finding people that I can relate to and share how I feelings and not fear of being bullied. I have hair loss on the right side of my head for years and no matter what I have tried it never grew back. I wish I could find a hair piece I could  use for that.  I want you to know you have picked the right place to share your feelings about your alopecia until I found this website about a week ago I never talk to anyone about my problems and feeling not even my family because I am so a shame to pull my wig off and in all this years no even my children ever seen me without my wig off. We are one big family here at alopecia world.

Comment by monie on July 20, 2015 at 12:32pm
Hi Helen I can totally understand you feeling embarrassed about anyone seeing you without your wig. My daughter only knows me bald but when I first showed my fiance I was so nervous and soo scared of being rejected. Luckily he's fine with it and seems quite happy with me either way. Only close family have seen me without make up on. I feel such a freak without it. How old are your children if you don't mind me asking?
Comment by jamester on July 21, 2015 at 1:30am

I lost my hair when I was about  7 and its never grown back. I lived with it pretty much all my life. I understand how difficult being bald as a adolescent/teenager was. I even wore a wig at some point to fit in.  I always kept my condition in the closet until about 4 years ago. In a way it made me stronger and to accept that Ill never have hair.

Comment by monie on July 21, 2015 at 3:09pm
Hiya jamester I think it's harder for guys to wear wigs than women. For some stupid reason society sees women as more womanly with hair and men are expected to be bald gracefully. It sucks! I remember seeing a boy at comp who had no hair or eyebrows/eyelashes he wore a hat and kids were horrible to him. How were people when you told them 4 years ago? I'm scared of wearing different wigs and it becoming common knowledge especially as I work on a Chekout and have to do the school run. However from this Saturday that's going to happen when I come out to everyone. Easiest way is on facebook and I'm mentally preparing for the initial abuse. I think I've let alopecia rule my life for to long and I want my life back.
Comment by day on July 22, 2015 at 11:47am

Hi, I've got alopecia totalis and I totally understand how hard it must be to live a normal life. I find it hard. Alopecia world is great to be able to talk about how you feel. I'm too ashamed to show my head to my family because I'm too embarrassed. But you can do it. Don't let alopecia get you down. 

Comment by monie on July 22, 2015 at 6:34pm
Yeah its really weird because in my head I think it's only hair, it shouldn't be a big deal but it is. I was bullied all through my school life. My own hair was afro (I'm mixed race but look white) so I was bullied for that. When it fell out I was called kojac and all sorts of names. It did get easier wearing wigs but only because it was easier to hide. I used to be soo outgoing but realised if I kept quiet no one would notice me and I'd be left alone. It does seem like the older I get the easier it is. I'm so not ready to be bald yet maybe I never will but I need to make this first step by having lots of different wigs.
Comment by monie on July 22, 2015 at 6:48pm
It's hard letting people in, especially those closest to you for fear of rejection, but even though it's embarrassing at times its a relief to be able to be totally myself in my own house. Maybe someday you will find the confidence inside you to. I'm looking at my journey as baby steps, each one bringing me a little closer to freedom.


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