I was diagnosed with Alopecia about a month ago. I noticed a small spot when on the left side of my head when my hair was up. With further investigation many more spots were found.

When the spots were discovered, I was concerned and went immediately to a clinic where I was told it was not a serious medical issue, simply (yup simply) a cosmetic one. Of course upon hearing that there was no serious medical issue I, along with my family, were relieved but the more I thought about it the more I realized that its my hair. It is a big deal. There is no cure, nothing is known. I could continue losing my hair; I could have my hair grow back and never have this happen again; or I could have my hair grow back and in another year find my hair is falling out again.

This to me is a big deal, but I feel as though I am alone in this. It's cosmetic, it's just hair, I should be happy it is nothing more "serious" and like I said I am...but this is still a big deal.

I was so happy to find information and a community on the internet that is full of stories and support. I look forward to learning more about Alopecia, and the people it affects.

- Carrie

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Comment by Cassandra on March 26, 2012 at 4:38am

Hi Carrie,
This is a big deal, but don't I feel as though your alone in this. I recently joined this site and found these people are great they all relate to how I'm feeling, and I understand how you are feeling, Yes it's not life threatening, but every girl want to have beautiful hair, and society is not accepting to Alopecia in women majority have no idea what it is and think we have Cancer ... It's a matter off being strong, vent as much as you want on here because at some stage we have all been like that, and some of us still are (me for one). Just so you know I'm on the 3rd round of AA and it doesn't get easier its a matter of accepting it and not questioning why me ? what have I done to deserve this? all questions I asked myself... But I know because of this I am a better person stronger wiser and more understanding towards body image and societies view. People don't know what they don't know is what I tell myself... But you always have all of us to support you on this challenge . :)

Comment by Susan Beausang on March 26, 2012 at 12:36pm

Welcome Carrie. You've touched upon what for many (for me) is the hardest part of alopecia areata - the pervasive suggestion that because it's "just hair," because it's not life threatening, we should dismiss it, get over it, be grateful even. You will not get that here because the women you'll find here KNOW what it's like to be bald in a hair obsessed society. You are not alone.

Comment by lynne on March 26, 2012 at 5:25pm

Hello welcome :) this is a massive deal and dont let anyone else tell you it isnt. I am sick of people saying least u have ur health!! Those people have obviously never been through anything difficult in life either. This unfortunatly is my 2nd time round losing my hair since 3yrs ago and i felt the same as u. I have had a ful head of hair bak since last June and its been thinning for a few wks again couple of spots. Sorry to not be positive but i am still not able to cope and accept this. Altho i am now going to counselling forst session 2moro to get help and support. Ur defo not alone and here if u need a chat xx

Comment by Susan Beausang on March 26, 2012 at 6:50pm
Oh yes and when I was first diagnosed and tried to collect from my insurance for reimbursement for a wig my insurance company told me that my condition was "cosmetic" and not medical and therefore not covered by insurance. I fought them but lost!


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