Hi everyone,

I am from Australia Melbourne, 30 years old.

i decided to write on this blog to talk about my progress.. i have had alopecia since august 2015. The sizes of my patches vary and i am lucky that i can hide them well. however my hair is thinning so not sure how long that will last. anyways! I had a miscarriage in september and beleive that stress was the factor and the trigger of alopecia..

After the miscarriage i went to the dermatologist to get steriod injection without doing much research. i didnt like the way it made me feel, gave me like a fuzzy feeling on my head for weeks..

after doing lots of research i decided i to do the natural approach. I found a naturopath who said i was deficient in vitamin A, iron levels were very low and all ofther vitamin difficencies.. I also added Hair tonic hair fusion to my list of vitamins which apparently helps alopecia.

I wasnt taking all my vitamins regliously but since taking my vitamins i have noticed hair growth on on my bigger patches. I have also changed my diet and found another naturopath in Malvern who has had mutliple successes with alopecia patients. Robyn Thompson is her name. She was referred to me by my managers friend whose son had alopecia since 6 years old and for 10 years had no sign of growth, since going to her, she has full set of hair. I had the appointment yesterday and she did a blood test which showed that i was low in iron, and that i had inflammation and something to do with my kidneys which i didnt really understand. I was also very low on Zinc so she gave me something for that. next time i see her i will do a metals toxins test to see if i have toxins in my body. I am feeling much better since changing my lifestyle and am really positive Robyn will help me. she also gave me some herabl essence drops to calm my stress levels and so far its working. Is anyone doing the natural approach and how are they going?

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Comment by Sharalexis on January 13, 2016 at 5:13am

I did a raw diet back in the 1990s along with a lot of dietary supplements, minerals and vitamins and saw significant hair growth.

Comment by Mellisa on January 16, 2016 at 1:40am

Hi there ,I am glad you find solution . If you don't mind may I asking you  what kind of herabl essence drops are you using ?


Comment by Sharalexis on January 16, 2016 at 2:21am

My current doctor recommends Biotin. Please get professional guidance. Supplements can be poison if we take them without a doctor's guidance. I know. I have lost, grown and lost hair; had each type of alopecia since 1985.

Comment by mnindia on February 2, 2016 at 3:10am

Hi nice blog. I having two spots. I am trying some natural methods to curb it. I apply amla powder which seems very effective. Also try doing yoga and try to increase blood circulation to your head. If you have good circulation of blood to your head, it will definately help you in your regrowth of your lost hair. Also rubbing of your nails is very effective do this activity twice a day for 5 to 10 mins. I did and I see hairs growing on my beard area.


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