Last week I found out that all my nose hair fell out. I stumbled upon this discovery as i went to pick my boogers because it had been a while (approximately 3 weeks) since I last went on the treasure hunt. And to my surprise, all my gold had been stolen! I raised my head and looked in the mirror and I saw my brain through my nostrils with not a single hair blocking my view.
I never realized how function-able and necessary every single part my body was...such as my nose hair, and even my eyelashes. I miss my nose hair. I even miss having boogers to pick.

I've been waking up sick every morning, coughing up phlegm and being ultra congested around my nose, throat area due to AU taking away my hair in my nasal cavity, meaning, every night I inhale all the dust, microscopic organisms and other particles that exist in the air without filtration, and its making me sick. literally. Plus, my nose is always really cold. (One of the purposes of nasal hair is to act as a filter, keeping dust and dirt out of the nasal passages, which are how boogers form
. Nose hair also serves the function of warming the cold air that gets breathed in through the nose.) I also always seem to have something in my eyes. My eyes sting at the end of the day from the same micro dust bits and organisms that I breathe in, attacking my eyeballs throughout the day with no eyelashes to fend them off.


what to do....

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Comment by Jeff W on February 27, 2010 at 4:01pm
I thought I read somewhere that folks who lost their nasal hair were somehow using an antibiotic ointment around the nasal cavities to help ward off infections. I don't know the specifics but you might want to check with your doctor about this. I regularly use saline nasal flushes (like neti-pot) that seem to keep my sinuses clear and might help you minimize buildup of dust and pollen in your sinuses. Best wishes!
Comment by George Ortiz on February 27, 2010 at 8:47pm
Try not to worry, I know easier said than done right,if it helps any I lost my nose hair eyebrows and eye lashes about 4 years ago and thought the same way you are right now, guess what I am still alive and well, my eyes and nose, no worse for wear, if anything I get less colds now than 4 years ago.although i did get a few boughts of pink eye evry now and then.
Comment by Clara S. on March 1, 2010 at 3:29am
I haven't lost my nose hairs yet but I do lose them when I'm sick so I get what you mean. It kinda hurts to breathe in cold weather..anyways take care!
Comment by Esther Ryu on March 1, 2010 at 6:08am
yes yes...every night my nose is soo cold and my nose is always runny :(
Comment by Erin on October 17, 2010 at 1:41pm
My nose is a constant running, stuffy mess. I have not gone a day in over 5 years without a runny nose, also due to alopecia I think


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