Ok, ive never blogged anything before unless it was for a school project but I just feel the need to vet now because unless I release some of these thoughts I'm going to go mad.

Ok so I'm originally from Ireland and ive come to Liverpool for university, ive suffered from alopecia arearta I think its called for about 8 years or so now and I'm only 18. I find that there is tremendous pressure on just regular kids to socialize and have relationships and party etc. the standard "Uni Life", I don't really have trouble socializing with people but id be lying if I said I wasn't a little awkward and shy. I'm not like most uni students who when going out will consume loads of alcohol prior to and in the club, when I'm out I like to have just a couple because I like to just have a wee buzz and remain in control of myself and my actions, but when I'm in the club dancing and talking, THE LAST THING, that I want to do is look up and see people staring, and laughing at me because I have bald patches and an eyebrow missing, the media has made it so that when people see students and young people with bald patches or hair missing, people automatically assume that friends have done it in my sleep or as a prank or something, but what annoys me is that most people don't feel sorry until you explain it to them. Why should it be funny that a man or woman with their head shaved would be funny anyway, I mean its damaging for their self esteem, I stood in a club with friends talking, saw a guy point and show me to his friends who all proceeded to have a good laugh at my expense and then the cheeky bugger had the nerve, the audacity!! to come over and try to take a selfie with me!! I nearly bottled him there and then because he was the 20th person to laugh at me, why should I be the bigger man, most of my life i've had people asking what's wrong with my hair and laughing at me, when does it stop, where is the line that must not be crossed, people must be educated immediately about people with such a condition, I was at the carnage pub crawl in Liverpool and there was a piece in the mirror that basically is trying to ban the crawl, now I was relatively sober that night but I almost feel like I should get drunk so that I don't care what people think but as I said I like to keep in control so I don't do something I might regret but the theme of this crawl was "unleash the beast", animal themed, so I went as a panda because I'm a bit chubby and have patches of black and white, but when a photographer took a picture without my knowledge and wrote it up he said "many people dressed themselves up for the occasion" in this I think he meant that I shaved my head for a pub crawl (the man is an idiot) or he was (less likely) talking about the facepaint, the thing that annoys me is that I didn't even see him take it, which means that he took it without my consent and has exposed me to whoever is reading that piece or whoever the picture was sold to. I'm getting frustrated just thinking about all of this again but I just want to end by saying that things need to change and that people need to be educated in alopecia awareness.

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Comment by jcampbell13a on November 4, 2015 at 10:38am

thanks very much for your comment and yes my friends do but I feel as though they shouldn't have to defend me


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