Just found you guys....I was diagnosed with FFA last year after going round and round to docs looking for reasons I was losing my hair, only to be told I had female pattern baldness, but it proved to be a much more specific diagnosis and I hate it.  Losing from the front to back is just weird and there does not seem to be anything to do about it.  I have lost most of my eyebrows, all my face fuzz, arm hair and leg hair, as well as my ridiculously receding hairline front and by my ears.  I did rogaine, propecia, special shampoos, etc.  I have given up on any special products.  I did find a wonderful clip in hairpiece that is working for the time being and helps me with my self esteem on a daily basis (although sometimes I think it does look wiggy).  I am fortunate to be able to afford such an expensive human hair piece.  When at home, tho, I am totally embrassed even for my husband.  I try big wide headbands, but feel like I just look stupid.  I stopped crying about this everyday, pencil and powder in my brows, put the thing on my head and try to act happy.  But this is tough.

Thanks for "listening".  

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Comment by Stressed on July 19, 2014 at 8:02am
Hi Sad in Chicago, I went thru an almost similar situation, very depressed and I found this site where compassion is abundant. I hope you get better. I tried the wide headband too but it attracted unnecessary attention from people who are not discrete. I still wear mine at home. I have severe patchy alopecia. Now all I'm praying for is I don't loose my hairline which is beginning to go too. I wear front lace wig,which made me feel less self conscious (I'm sure people notice, but at least I don't feel exposed). Praying for a reliable FDA approved treatment soon for everyone.
Comment by Sad in chicago on July 19, 2014 at 4:35pm

I know there are worse things....the irony is that I am a breast cancer survivor but did not need chemo or lose my hair when I was much younger....and now, this!  As I said, I know there are worse things, but I am obsessed with how I look and I used to love to be outside, but now, feel like everything is a hassle, going to the community pool, perspiring, how it moves in the wind.  I just have to deal with this better.  Not sure what the actual cause is but it did start during a stressful time in my life about three years ago.  I have let all that go, and regained control, but in spite of all, this is a mess.  My dermatologist said no cure even on the horizon.  There is that anit malaria pill but I am not going to mess with that.

Do you have swimming, or summer suggestions?  I watched some you tubes about wearing wigs when you work out, but I am not into the whole wig thing yet, thank goodness, I think!  Maybe it would be easier than the clip in?

Comment by Mareea on August 27, 2014 at 4:52pm

Hi Sad in Chicago. There is a lot of samesame in my story. Those with FFA follow a remarkably similar pattern.  This is about my fifth year although I was only properly diagnosed two years ago.  I have left my hair long and spend a lot of time styling and use a lot of spray.  Hats are useful outside and I have a wide selection. In the climate where I live everyone wears hats so I can go shopping, walking and off to outside events and feel ok. For swimming I wear a bathing cap and wrap a towel into  a turban when I get out. If you go to a golfing store they have wide band visors that cover the front strip quite well.  On the issue of wigs and pieces, I have noticed at work that the young trendies are all sticking in pieces and what they call xtensions.  They do not seem to take much care and are not fussed that everyone knows. They are quite open and relaxed about it. They mix in coloured strips, plaited pieces and bits of fabric. Perhaps we should take a leaf from their book and become more open and honest with everyone. I am at the stage where I have told two strangers that I have FFA. Both times this followed their complimenting me on my hairstyle. It was liberating for me. Not that we should feel compelled to justify any behaviour but it was a relief to be open and honest. People are remarkably kind and try to be understanding. We need to give them the opportunity.

Comment by Sad in chicago on September 30, 2014 at 8:15am

You know your comment about being open with strangers is interesting.....I too have mentioned it to cosmeticians and people at cosmetic counters, etc., in trying to achieve more natural looking eyebrows, and others, and a few very close people and of course, all have assured me I look great and "no one would know."  Problem is, I KNOW!  Worried about being outside, summer was not fun, and when it is not appropriate to being wearing the wiglet, how do I continue to camoflauge or look normal or like myself?  Hats only go so far, and now I am wearing my real hair shorter so nothing really sticks out or looks cute so I can get away with it. 

I guess at the end of the day it is mostly a self esteem problem.  I feel fine, no symptons of anything else really wrong with me.  My new thing is a constant pep talk to myself and to try to take better care of me and exercise more and eat better.  Hopefully that will make a difference with everything too.

Thanks all.

Comment by ChrisC. Chicago, IL on December 10, 2014 at 7:38am

Hi Sad in Chicago, I was wondering where you found your topper. . . did you go somewhere here in the city? Thanks for any info. I may be needing something soon.

Comment by Sad in chicago on December 10, 2014 at 12:40pm

J. Krause in Skokie.  Wacky personalities, expensive, but best that I have found.  Good Luck!

Comment by ChrisC. Chicago, IL on December 10, 2014 at 11:46pm

Thanks! I had seen Brian Blanchard  in Chicago and Amy at Hair Response in Buffalo Grove when I was first diagnosed. . . but both had recommended full wig solutions which I was in no way ready for. I think I could wrap my head around some lift with a topper. I'll check them out.


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