Safety and privacy guidelines for ALL members of Alopecia World

Please note that all suspicious and offensive behavior and other "issues" should be reported using the form located at

(There is also a permanent and easily accessible link to this report form under the "Members" tab on the navigation menu that appears on every page of Alopecia World.)

Anytime you report an issue, be sure to include details such as supporting evidence of the infraction(s) as well as a link to the offender's profile page on

Finally, please carefully review Alopecia World's antispam policy -- -- AND follow all of these specific safety and privacy guidelines, which Alopecia World has been sharing with all current and new members for well over a year now:

1. Report all suspicious and inappropriate conduct to Alopecia World:

2. Review your privacy settings at least once a week:

3. If you need additional privacy, you may also use an alias or hide your age, gender and birthday:

4. If you are AGE 17 OR YOUNGER, do not share your personal email address, your phone number, your home or work address, or any other personal contact information with anyone without your parent or guardian's permission.

5. If you are AGE 18 OR OLDER, exercise extreme caution when anyone requests your personal contact information.

6. Keep your personal email address private by making full use of the communication features on the site itself: Comments, blogs, discussion posts, groups, chat, event postings, and private messaging via the site itself rather than your personal email account:

7. If someone needs counseling, encourage them to seek professional help or to attend a NAAF support group meeting in their area (see for more information).

8. Select the appropriate viewing and privacy options whenever you post a personal photo, video or blog.

9. Monitor your Alopecia World friends list to make sure the people on it are people you want on it.

10. Never respond to spammers! Report them to Alopecia World:

Here's one last tip for anyone that wants to change the name or alias that appears in their profile URL:

If you have questions or comments about any of these safety and privacy guidelines, please let us know. We also welcome suggestions.

All the best,

Alopecia World Team

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