In past couple of years, I have gotten few dime and quarter size bald spots around my head.  These got little bit bigger and bigger.  By coincidence or by stress induced, late last year, after my father's passing, I've lost 90% of my hair in weeks.  I've treated with routine steroid shots; but the hair loss continued until pretty much "pure" bald.

After one of the visits with my local dermatologist, she suggested to visit a doctor at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore.  So I did.  First few visits, the JHU doctor treated with topical steroids along with Prednisone regiment.  But still no response.

May 2015 time period, I tried to get on Xeljanz but because of off-label and insurance/cost issue, I gave up on that option.  Late June, my doctor suggested to try the Squaric Acid (SADBE) treatment.  Per reading some of the old blogs, this appear to be an old way of treatment.  Nonetheless, "old" treatment is better than "no" treatment; so, I did.

First month of treatment, I regretted the treatment due to its side effects - swelling, itching, etc.  But I endured and glad I did.  Sept time period, I noticed some baby hair growth.  Now in late December, I have 75-80% coverage on my head.  Though, I still have few bald/thin spots where I continue to apply the treatment.

While it may have been easier to take the Xeljanz (vs. topical acid treatment), the SADBE treatment definitely has responded with positive results.

Is anyone undergoing SADBE treatment these days?  While it is not an easy journey, I wanted to share with others because I know WE are willing to do almost anything to get our hair back.




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Comment by Sharalexis on December 28, 2015 at 3:39am

I started my alopecia journey in 1985,Dec following the birth of my 3rd child. I took lidex tx to relieve old home permanent scars and then underwent cortisone injections for years. In 1997 my hair grew back. In 1999 due to home coloring treatments I inflicted my self my hair was lost for good. I decided I had had enough tx and went back to wearing a wig. In 2003 my dermatologist suggested I just wear a scarf because my hair follicles were starting to "live" again and the wigs were counterproductive to hair growth. Well I just get sprigs of white hair now so I cover my bald scalp on cold days and just go bald on warm days. Good luck on your journey I  have had fellow in person support group members who had good luck with those "old treatments". keep the faith.

Sharon blount


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