Hello everyone. Amazing people on an extraordinary site! Wow is all I can for each and everyone's journey.

My daughter is 20 and comes from a family farm, A premed student at private Christian college in Nebraska, she is on an Academic Scholarship, she runs, loves her horses and riding, her family is her rock, her boyfriend attends the same college is on a track scholarship ( he looks like he belongs on an Abercocmbie and Fitch poster and he is just a darling and is also studying medicine, she works for a chiropractic and job shadows for a fabulous Doctor,she has a couple amazing girl friends who would give her the world, she does tutoring for elementary students and college students, turns notes into professors for them to copy and hand out to students,she is an amazing and giving person.

We have been dealing with Alopecia for the last year and have do e creative ways to hide the spots, then the balding stages and we are now down to a few spiral curls and thank goodness for BUFFS - like they wear on Survivor t v series. At any rate they are darling, great prints and have hped with all transitions plus are UV. We have done all the tests, doctors, therapies, shots, creams,Rogaine, and tears.

She is not a fussy person. She hates seams in clothing and has always removed her tags from clothes. That said what is the most breathe able , secure, comfy and natural wig avAilable What I am asking for is a miracle and I realize that. Just need to figure out all the ins and outs. We are willing to travel to do this the right way to relieve as much stress for a daughter as possible that is why I do the research and product studying. She hates to shop so you can imagine how hard this is for her to consider letting us buy her a wig.

We have admitted to accepting the alopecia and it not owning her but no matter it does control your choices for activities.
We are stopping all chemicals into her body and hoping time will reset the immune system. Dreaming there I know- we are realistic. We gave what we could a fair shot without damaging her self.

Any ideas on when people ask her at college and in life why she doesn't enjoy swing dancing and why she has BUFFS on all the time when she didnt last year? She states in a very non emotional way that she has alopecia and a short defination what it is and that she is still very healthy. Peoe respond with shock, tears and/or removing themselves after asking. It hurts deeply when they won't continue labs or study sessions. Hard enough to lose your hair and then deal with peers bolting.

Anything anyone is willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a head of time from a very concerned mom who doesn't want to complicate her life anymore than I have to. All she wants is acceptantance and no pity because she knows there is so much worse out there! She keeps saying she saves to s of time not havi g to shave and when working in the hospital she won't carry access germs to the ER! Glad she can smile through the pain!

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Comment by Candace on September 11, 2013 at 12:05am
Thank you....
Comment by cindy Babs on September 18, 2013 at 8:46pm
My 19yo daughter has 2 freedom pieces. They indeed give her freedom to swim, run and go on roller coasters. Very natural but not a miracle.
Comment by Candace on September 18, 2013 at 10:50pm
She is also concerned about all her chem labs with a wig! Does anyone know how the wigs do with lab?
Comment by Richard on July 29, 2014 at 9:40pm

I know it's an old thread, but hopefully someone might find my comment useful further down the line.

I hate talking about my AA as well, but the feeling that they knew someone with AA (especially a relative) is very comforting.  I didnt know about this site before, but just being able to share with someone I know the problems and issues it caused is a huge relief for me.


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