Hi everyone I'm new on here first day. Ok here's my story last September first week 2014. My only brother took his own life massive shock and deep sadness for me couple weeks later first patch on head appeared. As weeks went on more patches within 5 weeks all hair on my head fell out. Lost good bit of body hair ( wasn't very hairy anyway). Then eyelashes in one eye started falling out 80% next small bits of eyebrows. Buy December new white hair started to grow back on my head I think totally covered but very fine with no colour original hair was very dark almost black. So felt very strange but gave me massive hope. Second week in April after a wwk on holiday in the sun black patches started to appear it's July now and it's getting darker and filling in more and more. But I still have a good few patches that don't have any new dark hair. My eyelashes grew back but not as thick as. Before and my face and body hair has started to grow. Ack in last few weeks. I hope I'm going to. E ok I promised I would level a message of hope for people if I ever had any good news

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Comment by Anthony on July 25, 2015 at 7:06am
Does anyone have any regrowth stories???
Comment by JeffreySF on July 25, 2015 at 11:26pm

Hi Anthony,

So sorry to hear about your brother. My brother took his own life too back in 1992.

I got my first sign of alopecia in 2007 and went to AU within 3 months. I experienced about 80% regrowth for about a year but then I had some loss to about 50%.

I hope you continue to have progressive hair regrowth!



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