i have this problem since i was 3!! and i still hate it!! some times my hair looks like i'm going to lose it all, but other it just start to regworth, maybe that's the harest part!, because i lost my hair and then i get it back, so i become the happiest persone in the wolrd but then, it start to fall again and i become the sadest person in the world and i hate that, i'm like this since i was 3!! the last time that my hair regwroth was 2 year ago0 and i thoght that i was going get AU because my legs hair fell down, and also my arms and part of my face, the funny thing was that did not lost my eyebrowns, and when it started to regworth, it was white hair!! and i dyed it!! but did'nt worked out because the white hair, was still white, but affer 6 months my hair was great, thist time, i lost a several patchs but it's also rewrgoth, my biggest bold spot, it almos done, and i have new ones, and notice some lost on my arms, but it also rewrothg, but i think that i have some lost on my axillas, and i really don't like that, i just want be ok no matter what, but i want something, i tired of this, i can't be ok one year, and the next almost bold, ovbiously i want it back, sometimes i feel like and don't care if i get bold or i get full rewroth, but the true is that i doo0, i still have a hope, i feel that if i have thist rewrogth 2 year ago, and i was almost compleatly bold, i can have it againd besides my hair it's rewroing black, i have some white hairs but the biggest part it's black!! i don't know how long is this gonig to take, but i've been strong for long long time!!! i can't give up!! i feel like my body also wants my hair back!! and i can't give up!!! i won't!! and one day, all this it's gonig to be just and experience wich makes me be who i am today!! i feel more comfortable whit this than two years ago, now i tell my friend how does it feel, i don't try to hide it anymore, and thats a big step i gues! i still have problems whit guys, i have never tell them! and i know that i have to, that's my next step, i dated whit this guy for 8 month and i never toold him, and we're not datting anymore but we are friends, and feel that i have to tell him, i feel like i never was compleatly honest and don't like that, why me??! that's a question and i have been asking to my self like 10 years ago, and still don't get it!!

xoxo brenda!

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Comment by Whitney on November 23, 2009 at 5:42am
hey! i used to have this problem all the time too. it is completely draining to switch form being excited that hair is growing back to trying to cover up bald spots. about 6 years ago i lost all my hair and nothing grew back and i have to say i don't even know what i would do if it did start to grow back? i am so used to wearing a wig that i wouldnt even know what i would look like with real hair anymore haha. i admire your positive attitude and you for sure need to continue thinking positive! and don't worry about boys! i have had plenty of boyfriends and i always tell them when i'm ready and am sure that they are going to be around for a while and i haven't had one boy stop talking to me because of it! you wouldnt want to be with a boy that was that shallow anyway! hair isnt everything. i hope your hair grows back and that the fight gets easier for you!!
Comment by Joshua on November 23, 2009 at 9:03am
Hi Brenda,

"Why me?" is a huge question and my simple and straight answer to you its because that you're brave enough, strong and courageous enough to endure alopecia. Alopecians are tough people, robust people. Not everyone with alopecia can live with it and still be a successful person, an inspiration to the society, thats why only the people who are strong enough will have alopecia. You are a very strong person! Dont let anyone run you down because of alopecia. :)

God bless.

Joshua T
Comment by brenda j on November 24, 2009 at 11:05pm
thank you all!! i know that i am a strong person!! a really strong one!! and i'm still lerning, i'm not a teenager anymoree!! which was really hard!! in all the senses because you don't how is it!! and my hole teenage i was with alopecia!! it was really hard!! like really hard!! i didn't tell anyone!! and yes it was hardert but then it stoped 4 2 years and in those 2 years my dad pasted away!! so they were'nr easier! but i had my hair and now i still have it but whit spot bolds, and i'm getting more mature, and i relize that yes it's not big deal, it's not everything, i'm a heatly person! and that's more than great, my friend has been very supportive, i yeah you're are all rigth! the next guy that i met i will tell him since the begining!! i met this guy and he kwons about it, well, he noticed it!! and in the begining was uncomfrotable, but then it was really nice, i feld free!! and that was great, and noo0 he did'nt run away! sometimes i feel that i make it hardest that it really is!!! but still leraning!!

xoxo brenda!
Comment by Marcus on December 9, 2009 at 1:31pm


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