As a kid whenever I saw a fountain or a wishing spiral, I always asked my mom for a penny or a dime to toss in. When she gave one to me I would hold the coin, close my eyes and wish as hard as I could that I would grow hair. Every single birthday wish, fountain wish and falling star wish, was the same wish since I could remember. I didn’t wish for toys or candy or anything a normal kid would want. I think back to that little girl and I find my self smiling at how silly I was to want something so unimportant, why didn’t I hope for world peace or maybe a successful future, something that mattered. Not a simple thing like hair. I am 17 years old, I was diagnosed with Alopecia Unervasalis when I was 2. Growing up with AU wasn’t all that bad in my opinion, I had friends and family who were always there to tell me how beautiful I was with or without hair and that I had the "prefect head" ha. My mom always got me wigs when I was little I didn’t like them because they were annoying and itchy so I didn’t really wear them that often. I never truly feel like myself when I wear wigs to this day. Sometimes I wonder if I'm wearing a wig to make other people happy instead of me, I prefer to go bald most of the time I don't really care if people stare or if little kids point and ask their parents what's wrong. I don’t remember a time where I wasn’t being watched or people thought I was sick, I guess its just something you get used to. Getting older I had more insecurities and I hated that I let myself feel that way. I started wearing a wig to school but when I did that I found myself more worried about what people would think about me with hair than me without it. Silly right? So I don’t wear wigs to school anymore because I feel more myself when I don’t try to please society and try to look like everyone else. There are some days when I don’t feel like being stared at that I put on a wig and go out with my family or friends. It can be fun and exciting when you change your look like that but when it comes to everyday I couldn’t see myself putting on a wig and not being "free." The saying "Bald is Beautiful" is the most uplifting thing I've heard. People who can love themselves and accept that they are different and beautiful are just amazing to me. I'm just now starting to put myself in the Alopecia community and I'm thrilled to see so many happy people who are just like me. There isn't a reason in the world not to like who you are because hair or no hair you are beautiful. If I could have any wish right now I would wish that everyone felt as beautiful without hair as I do.

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Comment by Barbara B on June 29, 2015 at 4:38pm

What an amazing story about your life with alopecia. I've experienced so many of areas as you have. However, I have not gone out in public without my hair. I'm still undecided about the best time to show my true self! I've contemplated "revealing" my head to the public VERY SOON! Stories like yours is very inspirational. Keep being your true self!


Comment by monie on July 21, 2015 at 3:38pm
I really wish I had your confidence. I wore a hat when I first lost mine at 8 then wigs from starting at the comp but I've never been brave enough to go bald. I love that everyone on here is soo supportive and understanding. You're very brave and pretty and inspiring. I hope one day I can be as confident as you .
Comment by Darling on May 11, 2016 at 6:21pm

Great post!!! i was never confident to go anywhere without a wig even around the house. Im wig bound 24/7. Im scared my husband wont except me if i stop wearing wig=( and i myself feel very insecure without a wig...i guess its a mental thing=) your confidence is so uplifting, good job!


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